Video: Never mind 'lobster', performance in Sheffield Wednesday's win over Nottingham Forest 'could have been caviar,' says Carvalhal

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On Friday during his weekly press briefing, Carlos Carvalhal attempted to explain Sheffield Wednesday's more pragmatic style in comparison to his first season in charge, using one of his now famous analogies.

The Owls boss again used food, stating that fans had been offered mediocre culinary options and so when he 'brought lobster to the table' everyone wants it all the time.

Sheffield Wednesday players celebrate scoring against Nottingham Forest

Sheffield Wednesday players celebrate scoring against Nottingham Forest

He went on to say that this can't always happen but sometimes you can get shrimp instead, which is obviously quite nice but not as good as lobster.

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Basically, what Carvalhal was trying to say was that he and his coaching staff and players had treated fans to something they had not had for a long time and they had got a taste for it. And while he would love to offer free-flowing, attacking, dynamic football which is apparently the lobster, all the time, sometimes you have to settle for something in between, or shrimp in this case.

So with Wednesday having turned in a fine display in beating Nottingham Forest 3-1 at Hillsborough on Saturday, we wondered where this display featured in Carvalhal's buffet?

"I think more shrimp than lobster," he said. "If we played all the game like the first eight minutes, then it will be caviar. Caviar is not easy to get so, so I think it was shrimps today, with good beers."