VIDEO: Is Sheffield Wednesday’s Keiren Westwood the most huggable goalkeeper in football?

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It has been claimed that there is little fight in footballers these days.

In Alan Biggs’ latest column in The Star and the Sheffield Telegraph, our man tells of how Mel Sterland explained to him that the Owls legend and his team mates would regularly get into scraps with each other, and that coach Mick Hennigan would bring out the boxing gloves to settle any grievances.

Owls keeper Keiren Westwood with scorer Atdhe Nuhiu

Owls keeper Keiren Westwood with scorer Atdhe Nuhiu

Admittedly, there may be some exaggeration in this but there has been a tendency among many older players to lament the apparent lack of b***s in the modern game and that the odd scrap between colleagues was ultimately a show of togetherness.

Times change and seemingly, at Hillsborough, the Owls appear to be a team of lovers, not fighters.

This picture of Keiren Westwood with team mate Atdhe Nuhiu following Wednesday’s dramatic win over Rotherham United on Saturday caused one member of The Star Sport team to remark, ‘Westwood loves a hug, doesn’t he?’

And having had a look back through the season’s pictures, so he does, as our video slideshow above goes to show. Has there ever been a goalkeeper so fond of a hug?

It seems that while there may not be as much raging testosterone at Wednesday as there was in the past...there’s plenty of love in S6.