Video: Gauging the derby mood from Sheffield Wednesday's press conference - focused Carlos Carvalhal won't let hype steer him away from job at hand

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If we're honest, we'd have loved a tubthumping, passion-filled, a**e-kicking, Kevin Keegan-esque 'I would love it...' from Carlos Carvalhal in his press briefing ahead of Sheffield Wednesday's derby clash with their bitter rivals, United.

If we're more honest, we knew that there was more chance of Chris Wilder turning up on Sunday wrapped in a blue and white scarf.

Carlos Carvalhal has maintained a calmness during the build-up to the derby

Carlos Carvalhal has maintained a calmness during the build-up to the derby

Simply put, hyperbole is just not Carvalhal's style.

Instead we saw the same cool, calm, composed exterior that strolled in, suited and booted in blue two years ago and has never really left.

On the touchline, the Portuguese may be a little bit more emotional in the heat of battle but before, and indeed after, he maintains that serene, self-assured manner.

Unsurprisingly, he brought that to the table again on Friday afternoon.

Some Owls fans in the past week have wondered whether or not Carvalhal and in fact the team generally, 'gets it'. He's not local and we've never had the opportunity to see how he deals with real derbies, given United's exile from the Championship over the past few years.

He does live in the city, though and you could tell immediately that he knows all too well what this match means to supporters. The difference is, there was an air of 'I'll get the team ready, you bring the passion'.

And in amongst that came the theme of the press conference. 'Focus'.

Carvalhal used the word quite a number of times, as if to reiterate, not that this was any other game but that while we on the outside revel in the hype, he's got work to do.

Added to focus was 'specifics' - further proof that nothing is being left to chance. Carvalhal and his team - staff and players - have been working hard to pinpoint where they can break United down; where the weaknesses are; where they can win the game.

"We have not changed anything that we have been doing over the last few weeks and years for this game," he said. "Our preparation has been absolutely the same. We have focused on specific things."

This is no different to any other week at Middlewood, but it's also far from 'just another game'. Concentrating the mind allows the players to be kept inside the bubble, away from the buzz that's going on around them.

Carvalhal knows what this match is about. He will have been made well aware of the history and tradition and you'd be surprised if he didn't studiously look through that himself.

On the outside, it's business as usual. Still cool, still calm, still composed. Still work to be done.

On the inside, you can bet that come 1.15pm on Sunday, his heart will be beating just as fast as the 30-odd thousand in blue and white around him.

You might even get a 'Hi-ho' out of him. Inwardly.