Video: Carlos Carvalhal uses a car analogy to describe his Sheffield Wednesday predicament ... but the wheels fallen off Owls' season

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Carlos Carvalhal's analogies have been a memorable aspect of his reign at Sheffield Wednesday but there was little fun in his latest.

He's raised a smile when speaking before about orchestras, wearing the right suit for the jobs at hand, fish and potatoes (some players are the fish and some are the potatoes) and of course there was the infamous battering a £20 was subjected to as he explained why the value of his players doesn't diminish, no matter how hard you hit it.

On Saturday, after a third defeat on the bounce, for the first time in his time at the club, cars were the subject and an apparent trip to London.

Losing to Middlesbrough at Hillsborough meant that Wednesday have not won since beating Aston Villa on November 4, a win that was supposed to herald a new dawn in the campaign. An end to the inconsistencies and the beginning of a run that would see another play-off place secured, at the very least.

Obviously it never materialised.

After that, Wednesday went on to draw four in a row, following that boring sequence with three defeats and in the dying moments of the 2-1 loss to Boro a sizable number of Owls fans chanted 'we want Carlos out!' Boos rang round the ground when the referee signaled the end.

A dejected Carlos Carvalhal on the sidelines during Sheffield Wednesday's defeat to Middlesbrough

A dejected Carlos Carvalhal on the sidelines during Sheffield Wednesday's defeat to Middlesbrough

Carvalhal recognised the frustrations but according to the head coach, he, the team and the club have been the victim of circumstances, namely a pretty hefty injury list.

"You think I am happy? I'm not happy," he said. "If you plan to go to London you take your car and you think you'll be there in three hours, but after 20 minutes you don't have fuel.

"After that you have a problem with the battery, and then the wheels have a problem. So instead of taking three hours, it you go in four or five.

"Yes, I wish the car can go very fast but to go very fast I need everything perfect and everything 100%.

"As you know the market was not easy for us in the summer but we accepted the challenge because we suppose that everyone would be available and 100% because even if everyone is 100% fighting the Championship is strong.

"But this is not a reality at this moment. We are living in different circumstances at this moment."

Maybe we're not giving him the credit he's deserves on this score, however it would be surprising if Carvalhal meant his words to have such depth. The fictional journey to London, or Wembley perhaps, has probably been cancelled now.

The wheels have come off.

He's right that missing players haven't helped in recent games and he should get some sympathy in that regard, but a lot of those players he points to were available and playing during dreadful displays this campaign, against Preston or Bolton or Burton or Sheffield United to name just a few.

Carlos Carvalhal's car hasn't been running well for a quite some time. The driver needs to accept a lot more of the blame for that.