Video: Carlos Carvalhal's Shankly-esque philosophy at Sheffield Wednesday... make the people happy

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Sheffield Wednesday stand just one game away from the golden footballing paradise that is the Premier League.

Some of the best footballers in the world on your doorstep, untold riches and extravagance, global coverage and potentially the eyes of the world focused on the Steel City for all the right reasons.

Sheffield Wednesday head coach Carlos Carvalhal

Sheffield Wednesday head coach Carlos Carvalhal

However, despite that fact; despite realising what it means for a club to become involved in this explosion of hype and once again mingle with the type of people you used to know before they moved onto bigger and better things, just one aspect concerns Carlos Carvalhal... making the people happy.

"He made the people happy" was a famous phrase attached to one of the greatest football managers of all time; the incomparable Bill Shankly.

It will take a great deal more than reaching a Championship Play-Off Final with Sheffield Wednesday before Carvalhal, hitherto unknown in English football before rocking up at Hillsborough, can be considered anywhere near the game's greats, a position in which Shankly can rightly stand. The Portuguese, though, maintains a similar philosophy. The smart suits and somewhat preened look on the sidelines might scream Mediterranean glamour, but Carvalhal gets Sheffield and Sheffield Wednesday.

He has quickly picked up the mentality of South Yorkshire folk and the 50 year old has made it his mission to take a side who were there at the birth of the Premier League before drifting away like a cousin no one really takes much notice of anymore, and turn it into one that those in blue and white can be proud of. The stage doesn't matter, the smile on the audience does.

Carlos Carvalhal has put a smile back on Owls fans' faces

Carlos Carvalhal has put a smile back on Owls fans' faces

"Most important to us and to me is that, I know that life is not easy to all the people and to a lot of fans who follow us," said Carvalhal ahead of Saturday's decider against Hull City at Wembley. "I don't care about what division we are playing in; the Championship or League One or the Premier League I think something very important is that when you buy a ticket you must enjoy what you are looking (at).

"You see the ball on the grass, you see the movement of the players, you see a lot of goals, a lot of victories. The most important thing is that the people are happy. Sometimes you think too much about the club's position or sometimes the club's thinking about too many things about the division and so on, but we can;t forget that the people must enjoy what they are looking at all the time.

"At Sheffield Wednesday we have this kind of atmosphere, in Hillsborough especially. The fans enjoy the team play, the players are enjoying and this is something magic."

Magic indeed; and with one game remaining, there's no reason why, in a season of surprises across the English game, one last rabbit can't be pulled out of the hat.