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New Sheffield Wednesday head coach Carlos Carvalhal has declared his love for his 'beautiful' new home city.

The Portuguese has been in Sheffield for a couple of weeks, but was paraded in front of the local press for the first time yesterday, where he told how well he is settling into life in South Yorkshire.

Carlos Carvalhal being interviewed during his first press conference as Sheffield Wednesday head coach

Carlos Carvalhal being interviewed during his first press conference as Sheffield Wednesday head coach

Despite the relatively warm weather we have been experiencing recently, Carvalhal described the temperature as 'a little cold' but he has been impressed by his surroundings and commented on the 'very beautiful' city centre.

"(It's) a little cold," he said. "Our players joked with us that we've brought sun and hot weather.

"The city is very nice, with a lot of monuments and the centre is very beautiful. At the same time it is very quiet. I like that.

"We don't have too much time (to see the area) because we are in the club at 8.30 and we leave at eight at night.

Carlos loves Sheffield

Carlos loves Sheffield

"What we saw at the weekend...we like the city."

Carvalhal added: "As for the club, it is an historic club. We are very happy but at the same time we know we have a big challenge, we know we have a lot of things to do. We are on the first steps."

The 49 year old, who has managed in his native Portugal as well as in Greece and Turkey also revealed how impressed he was by the players, in particular their attitude, in the week of pre-season training sessions that he has overseen.

"They have a fantastic average in the morning and afternoon. It is something different we have found in our career. The quality and the mentality of the British players put in the session in the afternoon with the same level as the morning. It is not something normal I have found in the past in the British clubs. This is something I like. My explanation is the attitude the character, they want to do their best."

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