Take your time, Mr Chansiri ... the team is in very good hands: Chris Holt’s Sheffield Wednesday Column

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In these modern times, few ever appear to let the grass grow under their feet in any aspect of life and in football, that seemingly constant need for things to happen quickly is multiplied.

Before Carlos Carvalhal was even out the door there were already questions over who would take on the manager’s job at Sheffield Wednesday and when he did eventually leave, that quest for a new name exploded.

Owls chairman Dejphon Chansiri....Pic Steve Ellis

Owls chairman Dejphon Chansiri....Pic Steve Ellis

It doesn’t, however, need to be that way.

Owls chairman Dejphon Chansiri has already shown, in his decisions over team management at least, to take his time before making a call.

Remember, pre-season was just about to begin when Carvalhal was finally unveiled in late June 2015.

And Chansiri can hardly be accused of being trigger happy when it comes to firing either, given that very few chairmen, especially in the Championship, would have afforded Carvalhal the time he did with things going so poorly this season.

Victory hug from Lee Bullen for Adam Reach....Pic Steve Ellis

Victory hug from Lee Bullen for Adam Reach....Pic Steve Ellis

So with that in mind, the man at the top would do worse than to put his feet up for a while and take a relaxed approach to filling the post.

Not least because the team are currently in very good hands.

Lee Bullen has been placed in temporary charge, with under 23s boss Neil Thompson and goalkeeping coach Andy Rhodes alongside him and though one game is no barometer, they’ve done alright so far.

The performance immediately after Carvalhal’s departure was refreshing.

Wednesday played with skill, a little bit of flair, pace and put in a lot of hard work in their 3-0 victory over Nottingham Forest on Boxing Day, bringing the smiles back to the faces of Owls fans who have travelled around the country being served up little more than mediocrity during this campaign.

It all appeared so simple - just play in the opponent’s half and not your own and there’s a fair chance you’ll create chances and probably score.

And that they did. Three times for only the second match this season.

Some fans baulked at the idea of Bullen taking over as he was seen to have been part of the problem, but there have been recent suggestions that perhaps his knowledge and ideas weren’t taken on board often enough.

Of course the mood could turn if Wednesday were to take a battering on Saturday at Brentford but you just don’t see that happening.

As things stand there’s a decent coach in charge. Because of that, Chansiri has all the time he needs.