Steelers trio in quest for goals

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RYAN Finnerty will demand some “secondary scoring” tonight - and includes himself in that directive.

Sheffield Steelers’ first line of Legue-Ramsay-Clark is finding the net and, with a bit of tinkering, he hopes the other two formations will join them on the Arena scoreboard tonight (7pm) against Hull Stingrays.

Player-coach Finnerty will be playing alongside Ashley Tait, for the first time, and Lee Esders.

He said: “We definitely need some secondary scoring and that’s why we’ve done some adjusting of the lines.

“I’ve had a slow start and Ash would be the first to admit he has, too. But we’re not panicking; people are adapting to new roles and settling in. Lee is a good hockey player who does all the small things right and me and him will hopefuly be provide Ash with the bullets to get some goals.”

Finnerty said he was expecting grittiness from the new formation of Colt King-Jason Hewitt-Warren Tait.

“Wazza is a defensive forward but King and Hewitt can score. We want them to add a goal or two.”

Finnerty says Tom Squires will also get some ice time this weekend.

“He injured his shoulder so we’ve protected him - after all he is only 14 years old,” quipped the coach.

Steelers put six past Hull ast month.

Their Czech forward, Frantisek Bakrlik, does not expect a repeat of that.

“Hopefully we can do better” he said. “We have to play much better and smarter. If we play hard and without the mistakes, we can beat anyone in this league.”

Tomorrow, the Arena side are at home again (5pm) against Fife Flyers.