Sheffield Wednesday: UPDATED - Owls fans give us their views on takeover news

Sheffield Wednesday fans
Sheffield Wednesday fans
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Sheffield Wednesday fans have, for the most part, greeted the announcement of Hafiz Mammadov’s ownership takeover with positivity, even if some remained cautious.

Here are some of the opinions fans sent us:

From Twitter @TheStarSport

‏@Sheffield_owls: Fantastic deal for both parties involved, sure Mammadov will bring everything the fans want to the club.

‏@HallCalum: Can only be good for us, as there’s no doubt he’s got money if he owns other clubs. Lets hope he’s willing to spend it.

‏@andyosull70: (Milan Mandaric) brought stability at a time when it was needed. We’d still be in Div 1 or even 2 with the old guard.

‏@GascoynePhil: Milan, you will always be a true hero to all Wednesdayites! We will never forget what you did for us. Thank you!

@LewisADuggan: Finally a slice of luck for the club! Hopefully he will have the ability and money to get some players in!

@si_bedders: We’ve had no reason in 3.5 yrs not to place our trust in Milan, hopefully he has made the right decision again

@swfcgirl: ecstatic that the takeover has happened, hopefully some exciting times ahead for swfc. Grateful for all that Milan has done, we wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for him!

@badendido Onwards and upwards the massive. A knighthood for Milan for his great work

@BritPen: As a life long sceptic, I’m cautiously optimistic

@WEBI48: Interested to see if we get any youngsters in from RC Lens Academy, which has a good reputation. Excited for the future!

@ComSpencer: Lets just hope he takes us up. Just buzzing about it

From our website

JohnHUSA: Well done Owls fans. Good luck in the future. Hopefully there will be a day in the not tooooo distant future when we can be enjoying well supported derby games again.

Franny: I am a Blade but I think its all looking good for the City of Sheffield, it would be great to see both clubs back in the top tier of football, this guy who has bought your club is an oil baron and with the money hes got your future surely looks bright.

Browl: I now wonder what budget could be available to SG with the new owner. Probably, we won’t spend millions, or even 1 million for a player, but maybe we won’t easily be outbid regarding salaries like we have been.

Rubydubydoo: Great news! We should all be thankful to MM for keeping his word. I just hope that we can really push on now and sign some quality and have some glory back at Hillsborough. My 13 year old son has not seen any real success and I want him to see and experience a full Hillsborough with quality on the pitch. Interesting times ahead, but also hopefully positive.

Flightowl: Hopefully the new owner will allow the club’s evolution to continue in the right direction. A family club which nurtures its roots, its youth recruitment and its fans, as well as the importance of the first team results. Onward and upward.

Craigowl: This is great news and Wednesdayites can now relax knowing the deal is done at last. Thanks to MM for saving us from the brink and selling to the right person. MM has proved he is a man of his word.

Mike312: Let’s hope we can now compete with other teams in this league and have a go at getting promoted. We deserve it.

Devonwisestowl: Let’s not get TOO excited yet until we see the colour of his money. Very interested to see the calibre of player we sign now. I do hope that SG remains in charge as he deserves the chance to show what he can do in the transfer market, but realistically,we know that most new owners bring in their own man.

Foxhill: Thank you Milan. You saved us when we were on the brink and you kept your promises.

WTFS0S: I’d preferred a owner who’s all focus is on the owls. He still has intentions of getting RC Lens champions league football

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