SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: Tweeters are at odds over boss Dave Jones

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PREDICTABLY, some Sheffield Wednesday fans demanded Dave Jones’ head after last night’s emphatic home defeat.

But it was noticeable that not everybody feels the same.

On Twitter and fan forums, there were still Hillsborough followers retaining faith in their manager.

Fans Nick Howe and Park Eaton insisted: “Sacking Jones is NOT the answer.”

ShaunKelldog ‏posted: “It’s not the manager: it’s the spending money on players that needs improving.”

But others were less forgiving. Adam Oxley tweeted: “There’s no passion. It’s all gone. Megson’s passionate side has just gone. We are awful.”

And a morose James Whaling added: “I can’t see a way out, we need change. Might as well do it now because there’s no way we’ll get anything on Sunday.”