SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: The pride of promotion

Manager's message: Owls boss Dave Jones is warning the Wednesday players to expect a 'really hard game' tomorrow
Manager's message: Owls boss Dave Jones is warning the Wednesday players to expect a 'really hard game' tomorrow
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DAVE Jones willl urge his players to wear the Sheffield Wednesday shirt with pride and earn themselves a “life-changing” experience at Hillsborough tomorrow.

It will be a momentous day for supporters and the whole club if the team can beat Wycombe and seal automatic promotion.

With the Owls unbeaten in 11 games under him and going for glory in front of more than 37.000 of their fans, Jones says: “I can’t ask for anything more except for them to give me one more win, which will guarantee a life-changing experience.

“You want to win things and be successful. It doesn’t matter what division you go up from, it’s always life-changing; for the players, for the fans who come in their droves.

“If we achieve it, I’ll be as proud as the next Sheffield Wednesday fan standing next to me.”

He said his message to the team would be: “Go and out and do your best. Wear the shirt with pride.’

“That’s what it’s all about,” he added. “We’re all well paid - some people would say overpaid - but once you put that shirt on you’ve got to wear it with pride; it doesn’t matter whether you earn £1 or £1,000.

“Players can’t just play for money. When they cross that line that’s the last thought in their heads. It’s all about winning.”

He said promotion would be life-changing because it meant a step up in players’ careers. an increase in status for the club and fans, a move nearer the ultimate goal of the Premier League, and “everything going up a level”, including the academy.


times players only get

one shot at it,” he added. “You have to make sure it’s your day. It might be the only day you have. I’m sure the players here will have many good days and I hope they do. Players who are 30-odd might be thinking ‘it’s our last shot’.That’s what I mean about life-changing events.”

But Jones also stressed: “We take nothing for granted. Nobody has got carried away.

“At the moment we’re not anticpating anything but a really hard game. Once we have earned it (promotion) then the jubilation will come; if it doesn’t then we have to get ready for the play-offs. We’ve got to try to make sure we win. We’re going to have to earn it.”