SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY TAKEOVER: Owls fans’ online reaction to new Thai ownership

Owls chairman Milan Mandaric with Thai visitors at the recent game against Bolton
Owls chairman Milan Mandaric with Thai visitors at the recent game against Bolton
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It’s finally official...Sheffield Wednesday are under new ownership and Owls fans were quick to offer their views on a new era at Hillsborough.

Thai tuna tycoon Dejphon Chansiri was announced today as the man to lead Sheffield Wednesday into a brand new period in their 148-year history.

Many also felt the time was right to praise former owner Milan Mandaric for what he has done since taking charge in December 2010, saving the club from possible adminstration.

Here are a few tweets from supporters as the news of the takeover broke:

@Mark__Bright - Hope the takeover at @swfc is successful and the club gets back to where it should be, in the @premierleague #Massive #olderbiggerbetter

@PeteMcKee - So Wednesday have new owners! Let’s hope it’s the start of something good. Though obviously I won’t be holding my breath. UTO

@tommyowl1867 - @swfc please ask the new owners to consider naming the kop in hillsbourgh stadium, ‘the milan mandaric kop’. I’m sure all #swfc fans agree.

@Dwebbo86 - We’re gonna go from Tuesday night fixtures like Birmingham City to now playing the likes of Galatasary in the champions league #Swfc

@CrossFraser - Bittersweet day really. Exciting times ahead. But we’ll miss Milan. He has been a fantastic chairman of our football club. #XBANAMILAN

@kevowl10 - #swfc owls fans avin good banter on who we sign and what area, we all know our defence is sound, time to shop at Harrods not poundland

@mja_owl - Ok so what is the first thing the new owners invest in. ? New players ? New scoreboard ? Or new pitch ? #swfc

@Orchard_Rich- With the #swfc take over now complete. I hope Milan Mandaric stays on as a representative for our club. Sincere thanks for everything MM!

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@RSimmo11 - Hard to think that we will be able to spend money on players instead of just loaning them! #swfc

@S20Baggio - And they said it wouldn’t happen. Believe in #mandaric believe in #SWFC

@Lewis_Hardisty - Someone needs to get an online petition going! Get Milan Mandarics name on a stand!

@MatthewTurner92 - Milan Mandaric has done an amazing job with his time at Wednesday, over to Mr Chansiri now! Thai ho Sheffield Wednesday #swfc #ThankYouMilan

@Maplo16 - I will be eternally grateful to Milan for rescuing our club. If I could shake his hand today I would! #swfc #XbanaMilan

@SteveRogers09 - Great news at #swfc but let’s calm down with the Milan legend stuff. Done a very good job, but not the God people make out.

@Argantuan - @SteveRogers09 he saved us from going out of business. Arguably the most important man ever associated with #swfc

@daretonuhiu - We can never forget how amazing Milan Mandaric has been for this club. What he’s done in not much time is amazing, great owner #swfc

@DutchMcLovin -I love tuna !!! Nothin’s gonna stop us. Nothing’s gonna stop us now! #swfc #tunaowls

@malcolm_fox2 - I hope after expenses and covering operating losses over the past 4 seasons MM has made a decent profit from the #swfc deal he deserves it

@HoylandOwl - Wow.. Just wow.. Can’t believe this has happened. If fingers are pulled out, the top 6 is realistic. #swfc ££££££££££

@emiten - Exciting times for #swfc. Time will tell if it’s good or not but so far Milan has done a great job and deserves trust. #XbanaMilan

@RyFiOwl - Dear Mr Chansiri job number one.... Pay some of these awwwwful players off #clearout #swfc #uto #highrollers

@DewTails - Anyone think the Thai consortium will invest in a statue of Mandaric? I want to thank him for all he’s done for us #swfc #XbanaMilan

@Burtmania10 - Thai Ho Sheffield Wednesday!! OvO #swfc

@MattGreen88 - #swfc takeover complete, Optimism is bound to happen but lots of consortiums/owners never fulfill their promises so its a case of wait & see

@Makeyssss - Next home game I think we should all shout milans name as loud as possible to show him what he means to this club #swfc

@MaxDelSeed - Have we signed Messi yet? #swfc

@L0RD_H - JEEVES!!! Go give that sleeping giant a prod. It’s time for him to get up. #swfc

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