Sheffield Wednesday: Shirt and ticket prices, loving the club and abuse from supporters ... chairman Dejphon Chansiri at the fans' forum

Dejphon Chansiri
Dejphon Chansiri
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Chairman Dejphon Chansiri has defended Sheffield Wednesday's ticket and shirt costs, saying they're the price Owls followers must pay for a team capable of challenging for the Premier League.

Speaking tonight at a packed Hillsborough fans' forum attended by several hundred supporters, Chansiri described the first-team squad as better than in any of the 15 seasons before he bought the club nearly four years ago.

An adult men's shirt is £59 while the most expensive ticket for a category-A home game is £49.

Chansiri told the gathering: "This year the shirt is £59. I accept the figure is high. But you have Fernando (Forestieri), you have this, you have that.

"I can charge you £20 (for a matchday ticket). I can charge you lower than (Sheffield) United. Then I don't spend any money (on the club).

"You can disagree about the prices, but it is the way (we have to do it). It's not about the figure, it's about the value. I try to do the best for the club and the fans."

Chansiri has invested millions in player recruitment and Wednesday reached the Championship play-offs in his first two season. They finished in midtable last year and kicked off the 2018/19 campaign last Saturday with a 3-2 defeat at Wigan Athletic.

The owner said he called the forum because he feels personal interaction is the best way to communicate with the club's followers.

"It's better to talk face to face than go on social media," he said. "You need to believe me, you need to trust me. I believe Wednesday fans are smart enough to understand. I want you to know the good side and the bad side.

"I have lost money. Whether I get it back or not, I don't know.

"I am a Wednesday fan. If you want me to leave, I can leave. But I'll still be a Wednesday fan. This is like my second home. It's in my blood."

The discussion on the new £90 membership scheme became heated. Supporters thought they had won a concession as they suggested a secondary scheme costing £50 with a £5 ticket discount for every home game.

Chansiri said he would agree to a £50 package but with a £5 discount for only two matches.

The chairman touched on the social-media abuse he had received from some Wednesday followers.

"Nowadays you make my family feel scared," he said. "My family worry about me. You make my family feel not safe. I still believe in our fans, but sometimes you say very bad insults."

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