Sheffield Wednesday: Rock ‘n’ roll football, Arctic Monkeys and meat on the fire - EIGHT brilliant Carvalhal quotes

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Owls chief Carlos Carvalhal dug into his book of quirky metaphors again after his side’s victory over Bolton Wanderers.

Here are EIGHT memorable quotes uttered by the affable Portuguese head coach.

On the 3-2 win over Bolton:

“In the first half, Bolton controlled the music of the game. They put on calm music and the team, the fans were listening to the music. We followed the melody of the opponents. We were not happy on the break. We tried to put on different music in the second half. We put on a little bit of rock and we opened them up. We took risks and tried to win. With that kind of rock and roll, we could score goals and so could Bolton.”

After meeting the Arctic Monkeys following victory over Birmingham, Carvalhal was keen to stress the win wasn’t all about Fernando Forestieri and compared the player to the Sheffield band’s lead singer Alex Turner:

“The lead singer is the one who shows the best performance when he is singing but he needs the other three to do good music. Alone, the singer can do nothing. I like the Arctic Monkeys because they are from Sheffield.”

On midfielders Barry Bannan and Kieran Lee:

“Kieran and Barry are the same. They have like an antenna in their heads. They understand exactly what the team need and are workers.”

On an impressive second half display against Cardiff City:

“As they say in Portugal, we put all our meat on the fire in that second half. It was a fantastic effort.”

Owls head Coach Carlos Carvalhal

Owls head Coach Carlos Carvalhal

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On Wednesday’s defensive organisation in their opening-day win over Bristol City:

“When we went 2-0 up, we closed the doors and windows very well. We didn’t want to let any light inside our house. We closed everything.”

On their last-gasp winner at Brentford:

“We can’t sleep because, in the Championship, if you sleep one minute, the opponent will kill you, so I am here to wake everybody up.”

On Owls fans first immortalising him in song at Griffin Park:

“When the game at Brentford finished, I loved the song. I was feeling like when the soldiers come home from war after winning the war.”

On his midfield balance before their stunning Capital One Cup victory over Arsenal:

“In an orchestra they have a saxophone, they have a piano and they have the drums. We have some players who must be the drums. You can’t have an orchestra that is just 11 people playing piano or all playing the drums.”

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