Sheffield Wednesday press day recap - Harlee Dean and Darren Moore look ahead to Ipswich test

Hello and welcome to The Star’s live coverage of another pre-match press day with Sheffield Wednesday.

Friday, 28th January 2022, 2:56 pm

The Owls welcome a resurgent Ipswich Town this weekend and will be keen to put lingering memories of their defeat at Oxford United behind them.

The game could see debuts for the new boy trio of Jordan Storey, Tyreece John-Jules and Harlee Dean.

Dean himself will face questions from the media, with Owls boss Darren Moore following shortly afterwards.

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Harlee Dean and Darren Moore will face questions from the media ahead of Sheffield Wednesday's clash with Ipswich Town.

Keep up to speed with all the very latest as we have it at the blog below.

LIVE: Sheffield Wednesday press day - Harlee Dean and Darren Moore

Last updated: Friday, 28 January, 2022, 14:55

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DM on repaying DC’s backing

We’re all a team at Wednesday. There’s a team behind the team that keeps the club running behind the scenes.

The owner has a passion for the football club. We’ve come together over the balance of the window and looked at the squad in terms of where it’s been at.

WHat we wanted to do is look at the injuries we’ve got and readdress that balance. We’ve done that.

Ultimately this all comes from the very, very top and we have to thank the chairman. It has to come from him and that’s what has happened.

Mide is long-term. He’s going to be a while yet in terms of where he is at.

He is making good progress but is some way off.

I’m not going to say yes or no to him going back to QPR. It’s possible, but we won’t be drawn on that.

We’ll wait and see.

DM on potential outgoings

We’ve had enquiries. We have to just look at it in this window and look at that side of it.

The phone is going for us, there are one or two clubs that want our players for our own reasons.

We’re looking at it for their career and development.

DM on transfer plans

You have to scour the different teams, clubs, players. You draw up a shortlist and you ask the question to the club.

They may say yes or no, if they say no you have to look at other targets. They say yes, you speak to the representatives. You can put your name in but you know there are other clubs in.

You can be rejected in terms of speaking to the player by the club or representatives because of other clubs.

Then you speak to them. The player has to make his decision and it’s about where he feels he’s suited best.

While all that is going on at any time you can lose an individual.

You’re never happy until that individual signs.

We are talking, but we’re still monitoring him in terms of where he’s at. There will be more talks over the next couple of days - he’s still on our books and still our loan player.

There was about half a dozen players that had certain weaknesses in their bodies... Those players, and the squad, has had individual programmes on those areas. They’ve been consistently working with them, twice a week sometimes on those areas. We want to strengthen them and give them more robustness.

DM on Storey and Dean - back four?

It gives you the opportunity to do that... As and when we sit fit, we’ll look at that.

Having them in the building, with Sam fit again - which I’m grateful for - it gives us the opportunity for a system change.

Hopefully we’ll keep the squad in as it is - and shut the window with what’s in the building.

Kieran has done a great job since he arrived. He’s pushing them to a certain style and system.

They’re a team looking to build consistency. Two big teams going head to head.

They’re a different opposition under different management. They’re in good form with good players but we’ve got that here as well.

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