LiveSheffield Wednesday press day LIVE: What Darren Moore and Joey Pelupessy have to say ahead of Watford trip

Hello and a very warm welcome to The Star’s live coverage of Sheffield Wednesday’s press day ahead of tomorrow’s trip to Watford.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 8:00 am

Darren Moore is first up, with Joey Pelupessy following him.

You can follow what they have to say as Wednesday prepare to launch their great escape attempt at Vicarage Road.

Keep it locked.

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Darren Moore and Joey Pelupessy will face questions from the media this morning.
Darren Moore and Joey Pelupessy will face questions from the media this morning.

Sheffield Wednesday press day LIVE: Darren Moore and Joey Pelupessy speak to the media

Last updated: Thursday, 01 April, 2021, 11:31

That’s a wrap for this morning’s press day

Home will always be Holland of course, but I love it here. It is the first club out of my country. It will always be special for me.

JP on relegation fights

My first season at Heracles we lost the first seven games in the season. We were in the bottom in the winter break.

We got safe. The whole season we made it.

JP on relegation scrap

If we are realistic we need minimum four wins, maybe minimum five wins. It’s not only about us. Of course we have to win the games and we need a lot of wins, but it’s better to focus first on Watford, then Cardiff, then QPR.

We can’t focus too much on the games after Watford.

We really need him these last games. He can get an assist out of nowhere, he’s a big part of the team and we really need him without doubt.

Barry I really respect. When I just came here he was injured and then we played a lot together and we are still doing it. It’s a huge pleasure to play next to him.

You can always give him the ball, no matter. Most of the time he’s doing something positive with it.

That’s a big quality for him. As a player next to him, you can’t do that every time with any player.

He’s maybe the best player I’ve played with.

JP on contract talks

There have been no talks yet. I can’t say much about that I haven’t spoken to them yet, but I’m always open to listen to this club if they want to talk to me. I respect every decision they make about me.

I think the last four months I’ve had good form, I’m not sure if it’s the best, but it’s one of the best spells... It feels solid from me, and I’m happy with that. I hope to finish the season that way.

In Holland they don’t like to change their philosophy, which can be good or bad, but I’m glad in England I’ve seen the other side of things. The Dutch way of football is in my DNA, and sometimes the training now is a bit Dutch.

JP on Wednesday future

Sheffield Wednesday is always an option for me. I appreciate they gave me the chance to play in England those years ago. Aside from results I am really happy here. I like the group, the players, those who work here.

I have nothing to complain. If they want to talk about the future, I always listen to Wednesday.

I don’t read it.

When I started in my career I looked on social media. Even when it was positive, it doesn’t help me.

People sit on their sofa on their phones saying things about me or the club, if it affects you positive or negative, they don’t see the training ground, what we work on every day. I focus on myself and the manager who wants to help us.

I read comments in the past but it doesn’t help me. I try not to read it. Of course you see sometimes, I’m not blind, but I don’t search for comments.

JP on challenge ahead

If we stay up we had done a really good job. We started with minus-12, minus-six, a few managers in one season. You don’t use that as an excuse, but it doesn’t make it easy for anybody.

All we can control is ourselves, how hard we train and so on. I don’t want to stay it’s amazing if we stay up. Either way we are responsible.

I don’t like to talk a lot about myself. It’s hard in this situation and we need a lot of points.

I feel I have been consistent and solid. I want to be here for the team. I’ve been here almost three and a half years. I want to focus on the team and if you do that it comes out on the pitch.

I feel I am playing solid this season and I need to keep it going like this.

JP on contract cont.

It’s coming up to the first time I could be out of contract. It feels new.

The Covid times are not making it easier for players to get contracts. I know deep inside it doesn’t help for me to think too much about it. I have to focus on the football, to be on the training pitch, playing games.

Of course it’s in the back of the head.

JP on contract uncertainty

You look what at what I’m going to do, but for myself, I focus on the games. I played three games in a row.

In the last one and a half weeks without the game, I work on myself to stay fit and do what I have to do.

The first thing is to stay up. If we can do that, the rest will come.

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