Sheffield Wednesday press conference RECAP: Darren Moore on Owls attack, injury updates and a new addition

The Star will be speaking to Joe Wildsmith and Darren Moore this afternoon and will deliver everything they have to say at the blog below.

Friday, 8th October 2021, 3:20 pm

The Sheffield Wednesday pair are speaking ahead of the visit of Bolton Wanderers to Hillsborough this weekend.

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Wednesday are hoping to get their stuttering season back on track – a win could take them to within a point of the playoffs.


Sheffield Wednesday press day LIVE - Joe Wildsmith and Darren Moore speak ahead of Bolton Wanderers clash

Last updated: Friday, 08 October, 2021, 14:45

I love the city. Sheffield is a really green city, a really lovely place. I love living here.

As the weeks go by I’m getting more and more used to the city. I spend a lot of time in and around the club. I spent a lot of time at the club and continue working.

It’s a fabulous place.

DM on effect defeats have

I am hard on myself. You analyse the game and when I;m on the touchline I;m really in tune with the game.

I don’t want to be detached from the game, I want to feel what the players are feeling. When there is a loss you take it as hard as anybody, we want to win games.

All my career I’ve been competitive. That’s the way it is and it’s the nature of the business. You analyse games and go back and look at the ebb and flow, the week leading upto it.

I never put a game to bed. It’s about making yourself better.

It was perfect to have that game. Not just for him but a lot of fringe players who were able to get a run out and get 90 minutes.

It was a perfect midweek game. Joe himself, under really difficult conditions, his handling a decision making was good. Again, he’s fit and available for tomorrow.

They are in the public eye and the jobs they do, fans think a lot of them.

They are role models in terms of vaccinations. It’s out there health wise, it’s a benefit for them and others to keep them healthy.

There is always dilution in terms of information people can get out there. There is always a bit of hesitancy from players, but they’ve been given the right information here. It’s upto the players to take that information.

If a player is taking the vaccination, great. If he wants to do some more research that’s OK too.

For me, I experienced it at a level last season. I was surprised as to where it took me so quickly. I thank the overwhelming support from the football family, how we unite in an instant.

You can encourage them, we have the doctor on board here who advises for the EFL, he has been part of the Premier League and the process. I feel here at the club we have a doctor who keeps us well informed in terms of the vaccination.

DM on whether promotion is absolutely vital this season

We never wanted to drop in the first lace, but we are.

This season is L1 is like no other in terms of the size of the clubs in it. It’s a tough division and we’re under no illusions.

There are clubs that have been in this league longer than they might have anticipated. That’s because of the league. It’s relentless. You have to be absolutely spot on week in and week out.

You have to focus on your own and find a consistency yourself.

Of course we want that. So do all the other 23 managers, why would I be any different?

You don’t get a given right, that’s what I’m getting at. You have to earn it. We have no god given right to get it.

There’s a lot of hard work and consistency ahead.

When I was a player I had five promotion seasons, you have to get it going, earn it. That’s our situation going forward.

Stay with us. We’re all Wednesday, we’re all as one.

We knew coming in this season there were going to be some bumps in the road. Keep your passionate support for the club and the players going, it’s gratefully received.

We’re as one. They can be a 12th man for us, driving us on. I’m really looking forward to be there, to seeing them and being in that hot, passionate one of a kind atmosphere at Hillsborough.

We can drive this over the line and get those three points. It was always going to be a tough season.

The play free-flowing football. They’re a team in the ascendancy. They have started in a strong, positive manner.

Confidence is high and why shouldn’t it be? It will be good, open game.

For me and what Theo has spoken about, there are parts of the game when he’s on the ball in terms of final product, we speak about that.

It’s difficult for me to really open up because I don’t want to tell people what we’ve been working on.

He’s got wonderful balance and flair and commits opposition defenders. He creates overloads.

There are things he has to work on, it’s a first time loan and his first time out in this structure. We will continue to work towards him. He was a threat at Mansfield, there were things we wanted him to do that we’re still learning and teaching him.

He can be pleased and he was a constant threat.

We have the players. The goals tally has to improve, we have the players to score goals. Absolutely.

Have opportunities been there? Yes. Have they been scored? No. But as long as we’re offering chances, we have people in the squad to score goals.

We keep working hard and keep working we will score goals.

xG? We have to improve on that, absolutely. I don’t really go by the stats, but if that;s a stat you want to run with we have to improve on that.

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