Sheffield Wednesday press conference RECAP: Darren Moore on Owls attack, injury updates and a new addition

The Star will be speaking to Joe Wildsmith and Darren Moore this afternoon and will deliver everything they have to say at the blog below.

Friday, 8th October 2021, 3:20 pm

The Sheffield Wednesday pair are speaking ahead of the visit of Bolton Wanderers to Hillsborough this weekend.

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Wednesday are hoping to get their stuttering season back on track – a win could take them to within a point of the playoffs.


Sheffield Wednesday press day LIVE - Joe Wildsmith and Darren Moore speak ahead of Bolton Wanderers clash

Last updated: Friday, 08 October, 2021, 14:45

That’s all from Darren..

There’s a big match on tomorrow.. Stay tuned for news, analysis and reaction throughout the afternoon and into the weekend.

DM on Chansiri patience

The chairman wants results now but we understand there has been a lot of change at the football club. We want to be competitive and win games.

There are a lot of new faces and it’s out there for all to know and see. We’re a professional club competing in a great league. It’s no different and we’re trying to get both aspects right in terms of the overload of new faces.

Keep going is his message; keep them at it and to get stronger every week.

That’s where the chairman is at going forward. We speak regularly week in and week out.

DM on Sam Hutchinson

Everybody has come through training with others. We’ll see how they all are tomorrow morning.

He’s needed in multiple positions, we’ll keep using him as we see fit. He can play at the back or in midfield and that’s wonderful versatility.

We’ll play him as we see fit.

I have no idea about social media! I’m not on Twitter, or Instagram or anything... I’m oblivious to what’s on there. I don’t really need to look at it - I’m just in at the football club and working hard here.

In terms of getting gratification from social media, I just don’t need it. I’m also too busy, I don’t have the time.

With players, they’re like us all - human beings. They’re talented and have the ability to play in front of big crowds, but they’re normal people. It’s a concern for me that they can be so easily got at - they’re words, but sometimes those words can get to them.

I’m fully aware of some of the things that can go on online with players and staff, and we’ve reached out to the platforms to help.

It’s getting in a better place because of the time we spend together... We felt there’s been spells in games where it’s been blistering, but we’ve not taken advantage or stayed at it. That’s what we need to improve on.

There’s so much that needs to develop, and I’m aware of that. We’re consistently working on that - but we need to make sure we can maintain it for longer periods in games.

DM on players talking winning the league

Maybe it’s me and my experience, but also not wanting to disrespect anyone else... But you never get anything freely given. In order to win games, and win games consistently over a season, and having been promoted many times I know the levels that you need.

There’s a lot of work gone on, a lot of work still to be done, and we need to make sure we’re winning games on a Saturday and playing at a certain level.

He’s somebody we worked with at Doncaster... Luke Dopson has moved on, and the opportunity came for us and Rob wanted to seize it.

He’s a good strength and conditioning guy, he’s in here now assessing the squad. One thing when I was at Doncaster with him was that the strength and conditioning was in top order. For him to bring that here he needs to assess the squad, and then after that he’ll implement it. The squad are really pleased.

I think that;s the thing. We’ve all witnessed a 20 or 30 minute spell where we’ve moved into gear.

What I’ll constantly work on is about getting it to 90 minutes and consecutive games. It’s work we have to implement but it won’t be given to us.

I don;t want to mention the players we’re talking to because it would be unfair on them.

We will continue to negotiate when it’s right. They’re all under contract getting on with their jobs and we want to keep them focused on the pitch and improving performances.

That’s been the focus. There will be a right time to talk about things off the field and the club will be professional in that.

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