Sheffield Wednesday podcast: new episode available now

Owls (Almost) Live
Owls (Almost) Live
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The latest episode of our Sheffield Wednesday podcast Owls (Almost) Live is available now.

Against the odds, Sheffield Wednesday still sit sixth in the Championship. They effectively got away with the disappointing defeat to Reading as Fulham once again failed to take advantage.

Chris Holt and George Torr join Liam Hoden to reflect on a mixed weekend for the Owls, and look at the international break via Chris' ill-fated trip to watch the Wednesday players representing Scotland.

There is discussion of the injury situation with a nod to Kieran Lee, as assessment of the play-off picture and a brief glance forward to the back to back derby matches which come straight after the break.

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Click here for our latest episode Getting Away With It - Wednesday Style

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Click here for our latest episode Getting Away With It - Wednesday Style


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