Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri to relaunch ill-fated Club 1867 scheme in bid to stave off transfer embargo

Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri has asked fans to help get the club away from the prospect of a transfer embargo by going back to a previously unpopular scheme.

In an impassioned statement, released late on Wednesday night, Chansiri admitted that Profitability and Sustainability regulations meant a ‘soft embargo is inevitable’ if their financial difficulties cannot be solved by March.

Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri

Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri

Wednesday suffered an embargo in the summer before hard work behind the scenes eventually allowed them to add new players to the squad.

Chansiri says that could happen again and worse: “This will become a full embargo if again the problems cannot be solved at the end of the financial year.”

The Owls owner went on to say that part of his strategy for negating the F&P issue is the relaunch of Club 1867.

The original scheme was announced in August 2017, offering a three-year membership package with prices ranging from £1,500 to £2,100. Part of the apparent attraction was the value for money that would be achieved if and when Wednesday were promoted to the Premier League.

Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri has put the club up for sale

Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri has put the club up for sale

There was a very low uptake back then and Premier League football appears to be a distant ambition at present.

“Money is not the issue here, it is all about revenue, that is the difference," he wrote. “I have done everything I can in my power. This is why I launched Club 1867 last time and this is why I will launch a new version of Club 1867 again, with pricing and structures to enable as many fans as possible to help avoid the problems we could face again.”

“Since I am here I have wanted trust,” Chansiri added. “I want our fans to show it is not just my money they want me to spend. Now is the time for everyone to come together and show trust and not just give the word.

“We can make our club the very best. I have never asked anyone who cannot afford to buy anything for even one penny. To those who invested in Club 1867, I say thank you for supporting me without thinking of worth. I can also think of worth myself but I do not wish to do that, I want to finish the job I started but we have a problem that we can only solve together.

“If our fans really trust me, we will go together for the next part of the 1867 campaign and I truly hope we will be a great team.”

It is believed that details of the new membership will be revealed in the coming days and it is unknown as yet how much the packages will cost.