SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: Owls ponder deadline-day deals

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DAVE Jones is not ruling out Hillsborough ins and outs before tonight’s 11pm transfer deadline.

The cagey Owls boss has been determined to keep his manoeuvres out of the public eye - partly to avoid alerting competitors for his targets.

Jones said he hopes to do business: “It might not just be ins - it might be outs.” But he is not saying who he is chasing.

“I remember a long time ago I gave a name out and I alerted someone else who had more money than me - he went and got the player.

“I also think it’s direspectful to the player and the club you’re trying to get him from. It might not happen.

“There are fans who get upset if you’re trying to sell somebody or he wants to go; they get upset with that player; or you’re trying to bring somebody in that they think you want, but you haven’t got him.

“Most managers are the same. When some manager does come out with a name, the other club get him done by the FA for poaching their player. It’s best not to say anything until it’s signed, sealed and delivered.”

Jones admitted that there have been inquiries about his players: “There are one or two things on the go. Sometimes you don’t want to let a player go until you’ve got someone in.

“We’re not far from completing what we set out to do. We might not have got that No 1 target; we have got the majority of the targets we went for, which is good.”

He is also thinking of the loan market, which opens in a week’s time: “We might have to wait for other players to become avalable on loan,”

The Owls have been drawn away to his old club, Southampton, in the Capital One Cup third round, to be played in the week beginning September 24. Doncaster are away to Norwich.