LiveSheffield Wednesday news LIVE: New boss Tony Pulis set to speak to media

Today’s the day...

Monday, 16th November 2020, 6:47 am

After officially announcing Tony Pulis as the new Sheffield Wednesday manager on Friday, the man himself will be up in front of the media today after first meeting with his squad this morning.

We’ll have every word the boss has to say here on our live blog throughout the day, as well as the rest of the latest Owls news and updates.

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Tony Pulis will be speaking to the media today, for the first time since taking charge of Sheffield Wednesday last last week. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Sheffield Wednesday news LIVE: Tony Pulis’ first press conference

Last updated: Monday, 16 November, 2020, 16:28

  • Tony Pulis speaks to the media today for the first time since becoming Owls boss
  • Pulis meets squad at Middlewood this morning
  • Keiren Westwood back training with first-team
  • Massimo Luongo returns from injury

And with the mention of Napoleon and Jack Kerouac.. That’s your lot!

Nearly 90 minutes.. and packed with all sorts. A fine start to his media commitments with Sheffield Wednesday.

Stay tuned for all the very latest in reaction from The Star.

TP on whether retirement was a thought

I had some good time out. Being at Boro was difficult in terms of the commuting. Steve was fabulous with me in lots of ways.

I promised that I would see stuff. I went to South Africa and I wanted to see the battlefields. I love my history and those were trips I always wanted to go to.

I then went off on jaunts, four-hour drives into the wilderness to see where that battle took place.

I went to America, I went to Corsica, I went to see Napolean’s 200th year, all the celebrations and the marches.

I’d heard about it and a French paper invited me out there, we did a big article on that.

I did lots of reading, lots of books. Carouac is a big interest of mine. I read his book and the position he found himself in, the story is extraordinary. I don’t like fiction, I like reading proper history.

It’s been a nice break for me.

TP on succeeding Garry Monk again

It’s one of them. I’ve got a job to do at this football club, what he did or what he didn’t do is down to him.

I’m walking straight in and I want to get this team going. You know the story at Boro and we had to sell players. We had to look after the finances.

The chairman there had spent a lot of money on a group of players and it was sad to see the players had been set back again. We wanted to be as successful as we possibly can.

TP on his contract length

That is between me, the chairman and nobody else at this moment in time!

There’s no reason not to divulge. At clubs I’ve had before I’ve not made that public.

TP on what he’s been doing in last 18 months

I’ve been watching a lot on TV and have done some radio games.

Without the crowds there it’s soulless. It makes football in this country what it is. It’s very traditional. We have the most competitive weeks in the world.

That’s whether you get 5,000 at Newport County or 80,000 at Old Trafford.

It’s soulless at the moment, we can’t do anything about it, but that’s where they are.

TP on the changes in coaching

You have to kiss and cuddle them a bit more. They were a lot more forthright and resilient to criticism.

They’re not that anymore and that’s just the way the world has been. You have to understand that and the society you work in.

The world has spun round so many times since I started, just to stay on there and not fall off it, you have to move with society.

TP on contract length

What I want in this present moment is to bring the chairman back to England, he has to protect his family.

I want to sit with him and his background and his family and what his life he’s had and how he’s become so successful.

It’s a different book. It’s ever so interesting.

I was going to talk to Barry today. I’ll speak to him tomorrow.

Eventually I’d like to get to the system I want to play, but you have to go with the players you’ve got. I’ve said many, many times that managers and coaches get too much praise and too much criticism.

layers get extraordinary money to go out and compete. The club I’ve been at are working class areas, if the players go out there and give everything, the supporters will have that.

These players aren’t. The supporters might have questioned that on a couple of occasions, but the supporters can expect to see a team that puts in a shift.

The fact he’s spent so many million pounds - he doesn’t need to explain anything to me, it’s there for everybody to see.

He’s still enthusiastic and desperate to succeed. I want to take this club to where he wants to take it.

I was born in the 50s, twice this club has been up there and the support has always been exceptional.

They’ve been patient, very good and they want someone to breathe some air into it.

TP on his 100th Championship win

I win for the club, not for Tony Pulis. I’m just part of this machine.

We’e all got to be concentrating on a togetherness that gets you through the tough times.

I always like to bring one young coach with me, one who has worked on the academy side with me.

I want someone who knows the academy and knows how it’s set up. Neil Thompson has joined in today and been part of that.

Craig is a great character, a young coach, enthusiastic. I like to have a mixture of people around me.

I’ll have a look over the next couple of days and will definitely be bringing in some staff, that’s important for me. Problem is that most of my staff are older than me and are in wheelchairs - don’t mention that, they’ll never speak to me again!

I want people to question me and challenge me. If I can bring some in then great. Coaching is a massive, massive cross-section of opinion and it’s nice to have people question what you’re doing.

I passed my coaching badges when I was 21 years of age. One of the youngest coaches to ever achieve it. I need people to come in and test me and push me.

If the club took off, they’d have 40,000 passionate supporters there every week. If we can do that, I’ll be a happy man.

I’ve been looking at the club and the home form. We have to turn it around and make it more positive for the fans and the players and everybody connected with the football club.

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