Sheffield Wednesday news LIVE: Everything Garry Monk said on EFL charge; transfers; Fletcher, Fox and Forestieri; squad mentality; his future and team news for Bristol City

The Owls are back in action on Sunday and that means today is press conference day ahead of the trip to Bristol City but there’s a lot more on the agenda than that.

By Alex Miller and Joe Crann
Friday, 26th June 2020, 9:36 am

Stay here for all Garry Monk had to say

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Garry Monk spoke with the media today ahead of Sheffield Wednesday's trip to Bristol City. Pic Steve Ellis

Sheffield Wednesday news LIVE: Garry Monk press conference

Last updated: Friday, 26 June, 2020, 09:10

  • Garry Monk will speak to the media for the first time since this week’s contracts announcement
  • It was revealed that Steven Fletcher, Morgan Fox and Fernando Forestieri had declined to stay on

On his current squad's mentality

"Constantly you get questioned. That's where the fightback has to come. If you have anything about you, that character. But the different attitudes, the focusses of the players has given me confidence.

"If we can take that and grow that, it can be a powerful thing. I've been part of squads as a manager and a player where that has grown.

“It can generate a feeling within a squad and a feeling and a mentality. That's what we've got to harness.”

“Our four away trips are pretty long ones. What we've managed to do with the early kick-offs, traveling on the day is out of the question. We have to go on two coaches to maintain social disatnacing. We've managed to source a hotel. All the games, it's pretty impossible for to expect us to travel on the day, we've sourced hotels and protocols for us to follow to get down and get straight back up. It's not ideal but it's something we have t deal with.”

"The chairman has been very supportive towards me. I want to win games. I want to be successful with this club. It’s a huge club. We let the supporters down in the last period. I am determined to be successful with this club."

"I want to be here. I am committed and driven.

"I have had nothing but support from the chairman and the club. I understand as a manager it will always be results driven."

On what he wants his squad to be like

"We need to move in a different direction. A new dynamic and hungry squad.

“I’m here to help the club understand what a healthy squad looks like... They did part of that work last summer, and we need to shift that a little more in the way. I think the club are understanding that.”

On potential signings

"We've spoken to the club, we've spoken about profiles and what we're looking at. It's a little bit difficult because we dont know what the season is looking like yet.

"We want to move the season into a young and more dynamic place. That's football now, that's where it's at. You need more experienced players to help that along but the hope is that you can have those younger, more dynamic, hungrier players. I've spoken to the club and they agree with that.

“I look at it that it can be a very positive future.”

"We have a look into the free agent market... If we can pick up the right ones in that market then great.

"If we can get a timeframe for next season then that’ll help. The free market is the only one we can work in right now."

On plans for the future

"Clarity is what you're always after. Coming to this point and having that clarity of knowing what we can and can't do, who we've got. It's better from that point of view.

"We've tried to pre-empt what we can do or we cant do in terms of rotation. We've done everything, the players have done everything they possibly can. That shows a confidence and a type of mentality shift that I've talked about. They've done the work they should have done, that's what you need.

“Hopefully that's the start of that. Whatever next season looks like, we hope we've started that process.”

"Josh is doing really well. We're really confident he'll be able to make it back for a big chunk of the games

We'll have to see when we get to that point but now he's focusing on getting fit and where he needs to be. I think very highly of Josh and I think he's a great asset."

“In terms on an outcome I don't know. I know it's important. The focus we have at this time is on the football. We have to show the consistency we didn't have before and improving where we need to improve. The signs I've seen before and against Forest I've been pleased with.”

On those three departing players

"Of course, it'll be their last game in terms of contention, we'll make those decisions. Fletcher's scan came back and he's still sore so he's highly unlikely for the weekend. But the others, yeah, this is their last game so we'll make that decision.

For the players we couldn't agree contract with I think the best way is to thank them and wish them the very best for their future, but our focus has to be on the players that we do have here and give them all our focus and support."

Monk on Jordan Rhodes

"It's a big opportunity for all the players, not just Jordan. As a player if you're playing or not playing as regular, you're playing for your place and your future. That's the best way to play, when you feel that consequence on you you put yourself in a better place and mentality. I can see a better attitude and fire in them, I can see that in the squad. I'm very happy, I've talked a lot about mentality but that's definitely been a shift in the first few weeks we need to go into the next season with that too."

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