Sheffield Wednesday: My players are 100% focused on next challenge, says Carvalhal

Carlos Carvalhal is keeping things cool at Wednesday
Carlos Carvalhal is keeping things cool at Wednesday
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No nerves, no excitement, no worries...that's the mood in the Sheffield Wednesday camp according to Owls head coach Carlos Carvalhal.

Wednesday head to west Yorkshire today aiming to cement their place in the top six and with seventh-placed Cardiff City playing Derby, who are in fifth, it could be an interesting day in the Championship.

However, Carvalhal says no one is looking at permutations or fixture run ins. For him it's all about the next task at hand; just like it has been all season, and for the players, it's just making sure they are in the team.


"I don't feel anybody is nervous, I don't think anyone is too excited, I d don't feel anybody is different to last month or two months ago," he said

"Our players are completely quiet and focused and work, try to fight to win a place in the team, this is what they must do all the time, they are focused on this.

"They don't know which players will play on Saturday. The first thing about the players is to try and play and to do everything so the coach will chose them in the first XI. So when you are a player this is the most important thing, to try and be in the team. If you focus on this you don't have to think about other things, just fight for their position, improve the team and focus on the next game."

There have been no conversations about what can be achieved at Hillsborough this season, not amongst players and staff anyway. While fans gets excited and pundits begin to add the Owls to their list of candidates for promotion, Carvalhal's words with his squad involve picking apart Huddersfield.

"My conversations with the players is 100% about the Huddersfield game," he said. "How they play, what they must do. We train so everybody knows what they must do in a different time in the game and to try to exploit the weak points - because all the teams have weak points - try to block the strong points, so these are our conversations. When you are in this kind of process I don't think that our players feel nervous or more excited than normal."