SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: More the merrier on subs bench, says Dave Jones

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DAVE Jones is backing the return to seven subs for Football League matches next season.

The Wednesday boss would also prefer managers to be given even more leeway to make changes during the course of a game.

He’d like to see the use of five subs allowed instead of three, believing it would give the game a new dimension.

Jones told The Star: “I’m pleased they’ve gone back to seven - but I think there should be more than seven, and I can’t see why the use of more than three can’t be allowed. Why not use five?

“Why have seven, but only be able to use three? What’s the problem with using more if need be?

“Some players would be better for it, and teams would use the subs more, and I think it would add something to the game.”

League chairman voted in favour of the return to seven subs at their annual conference in Portugal.

The number was reduced from seven to five for the 2011-12 season, because some clubs were struggling to meet the cost of having squads large enough to cope.

But the decision was unpopular with many managers because it limited their options and restricted opportunities to give young players opportunities.

There were times towards the end of last season when experienced Wednesday players such as Rob Jones, Mike Jones, Chris O’Grady and David Prutton were not even on the bench.