Sheffield Wednesday: Milan and Dave work on signings

Dave Jones wants to bring in three players
Dave Jones wants to bring in three players
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Milan Mandaric and Paul Aldridge both paid a visit to the training ground yesterday.

It was nothing unusual for the Owls chairman and vice-chairman to be there - and Dave Jones has told of the team-work that goes on when the club are trying to get players in or out.

“I’d like to get three more players in,” said the manager. “I think the chairman agrees with that, but at the moment we have to cut our cloth accordingly.

“If we find something, I’ll go to the chairman and say ‘it’s going to cost this, what can be done?’ He’s open to that. We’re always talking.”

The two were due to get together last evening, as well.

Jones added: “We’ll continue to chip away to do what we feel is right for the club. We’re also looking to move people out, for their benefit as well.”

Aldridge is also chief executive and plays a key role in the transfer process.

Jones was involved in some undisclosed talks on Wednesday. He said: “I’m always hoping something is going to happen. As soon as I get the green light, hopefully I can press the button.”

Progress could be made as Premier League clubs decide who will be in their 25-man squads and who may be able to go out on loan.

Although not ruling out full transfers, Jones said: “We used the loan system reasonably well last season, and we’ll try to do that again.

“I’ve spoken to some players and some managers this week. That’s an ongoing thing.

“The good thing is that if we don’t sign anybody in the window, there’s always the emergency loan system.” The window shuts on September 2, but emergency deals can begin a week after that.