Boss's choice: Gary Madine
Boss's choice: Gary Madine
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GARY Madine is set to get the chance to prove that he can be the answer to Sheffield Wednesday’s goalscoring prayers.

Manager Dave Jones has indicated that Madine will start tomorrow’s game at Forest as efforts to bring in a loan striker before next Thursday’s deadline continue.

Jones admits that he has “three or four” targets but insists that it is also up to Madine and the club’s other players to show they can deliver the goods.

The team boss wants more clinical work in front of goal, however it is achieved. “I think we need a poacher. We don’t seem to have a calmness at the moment, and sometimes it’s that final pass or final ball,” he said. “Everybody is looking around for that.

“That may be Gary getting back on his game; he’s looking stronger. Maybe he can supply it.

“It’s up to him now. He’s got the shirt. He’s got to prove he can do that.

“Everybody here has to work hard and keep it going.

“At this time of year you’re looking around for somebody who’s not playing, has fallen out with the manager, or whatever, and is going to come in and bang in or finish off what you’re doing.

“But the forwards here have to keep working at that as well. They don’t just stop because you’re looking around. You’re always looking around to better your team.”

Jones refuses to name his targets - one of whom is believed to be Sunderland’s Connor Wickham.

He has also given an insight into the difficulties of the loan market. “You can be close to a

deal, then somebody gets injured in training so they can’t let go the player you want, or he scores a goal and they then rejig their thought process,” he said. But he added the situation can change very quickly.

“We’ve got three or four targets that we’re looking at; it’s just biding our time,” he revealed. “The window closes next Thursday so we’ve got to try to make sure we get somebody in, and if we can’t we certainly don’t let anyone out.

“If there are good players available, we’ll look at those; if I’m looking there’ll be another 10, 12, 20 clubs looking.

“That’s where the patience and the frustration comes in sometimes, when you feel you’ve got somebody and you don’t get them.”