Sheffield Wednesday: Loyal fans an inspiration to Owls boss Dave Jones

Sheffield Wednesday manager Dave Jones.
Sheffield Wednesday manager Dave Jones.
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fans should be the inspiration for players to take pride in their jobs and realise that they, like him, enjoy a privileged position, says Dave Jones.

The Wednesday manager has given a heartfelt insight into the beliefs that drive him and outlined his view that being a manager is only “the second best job in the world” behind playing.

“I can’t play any more - that’s the best,” he said. “I can’t get the adrenalin flow that you get as a player, What I do get is the next best thing, as a manager.

“I get paid well for doing something I love. I honestly feel in a privileged position, That’s why I work so hard and try to be the best, because I want to keep it.

“The players are in a privileged position.

If you don’t enjoy putting on a kit, running around, kicking a ball and doing something you’ve liked from when you were one foot high, you must be absolutely crazy. I know lots of people who would give their right arm to be able to do that.

“That’s why I want the workplace to be such a special place, and for the kids to earn the right to be where the first team are.

“That’s the attitude and ethos of the club while I’m here. It’s not just about the first team; it’s all the way through, so everybody is proud to wear the shirt. Do you know why? Because 38,000 fans turned up here for our last game.

“They demand it. They spend a lot of money so we have to be right for them because we are in such a privileged position. That’s the way I was brought up at Everton.

“It’s not just about you, it’s about the people who come every week and pay out of their hard-earned wages.

“And do you know what? I’ll never get it right every week. If I get it right more than I don’t, I’m sure the fans will be happy.”

Jones has no complaints about his current squad’s attitude and says he has never had a problem with a player during his career.

Although appreciating the efforts of trialists Marek Jarolim, Gorka Larrea and Gill Swerts, he decided to release them because he did think they would improve the squad. He will deliver a verdict to Marlon Harewood today or tomorrow.