Sheffield Wednesday: Jones needs more time - Milan

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Milan Mandaric wants to give Dave Jones more time to turn around the Owls’ fortunes.

The chairman has told The Star that Jones will “definitely” still be manager when the team go to Blackpool on Saturday.

Owls Chairman Milan Mandaric says Dave Jones will be in charge for the Blackpool game next week

Owls Chairman Milan Mandaric says Dave Jones will be in charge for the Blackpool game next week

Mandaric values patience and remembers how it paid off last season when he stuck by Jones and the team revived.

But defeat against Huddersfield has wound up the pressure - and there can never be any long-term guarantees about a manager’s survival.

Mandaric said: “It’s a difficult time that we are experiencing. At the same time, I think we need to be a bit more patient and give the manager a small chance to pull out of this difficulty.

“It’s easy to let the manager go. Then what do you do? There aren’t too many superstars around waiting for the job.

“On the other hand, I do understand the desire of some supporters to go a different way. We all want results. I’m the one who it is probably hurting and costing more than anyone else.

“I still believe there’s room for patience and being brave and working together, trying to get ourselves out of this and seeing what happens.

“At the same time I’m not keeping my head in the sand. There’s no happiness flying around me.

“I just want a bit more patience; give the manager support and hopefully he’ll pull us out of this trouble. It’s got to stop.”

Mandaric said he had a long talk with Jones after Saturday’s game. “We have had pretty detailed discussions.

“He wants it; he believes he can do it, so we have to give him a chance, and get behind him.”

Jones told the media after the game that he hoped to be given more time.

“The only way I know is to keep fighting, keep going and don’t shy away,” he said.

“It’s about being big and brave and digging in; the players and my staff. I include everybody.

“If you’re not doing well, people think change is for the best. It’s human nature. They’ve had so many managers here, when do you stop? There’s no magic formula - it’s about hard work.

“I and my staff work and work because we want to get it right.”