Sheffield Wednesday: Injuries are already starting to bite

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For a 0-0 draw the game against Derby was a good advert for Championship football featuring two well-matched sides. We had the best of the first half and them the second. Had Nuhiu been able to match his finishing with his workrate and application we might have won it.

Losing Kieran Lee was a blow and it told against Millwall which was a poor game overall, and one in which our midfield was short of the mark generally - I guess not helped by Hutch playing through an injury that he had to succumb to in the end.

Why we just couldn’t shut it down at the end I don’t know. Once Maguire had lost the ball in the corner, just steam in and concede the free kick to stop them breaking if we can’t do anything else!

At the start of the season I said we had a good starting 11 if all were fit but not much more after that and these two games showed it. Both Millwall and Derby were able to bring on subs that made a difference to the game.

Waiting for Premier League loan players to come free is fine at one level but we could be in danger of losing momentum due to injuries - five points from nine is fine but to maintain that we need some additions who can make a difference.

Stevie May still looks to be finding his feet but he is working hard and getting in the right places and if he keeps doing that hopefully things will improve for him.

The one thing that won’t improve, though, is that terrible half-time challenge with the blue wheelie bin - it’s an embarrassment and needs binning itself! Onwards to the Riverside!