Sheffield Wednesday: Fans react to Season Ticket price increase

Sheffield Wednesday Early Bird Season Ticket prices
Sheffield Wednesday Early Bird Season Ticket prices
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Sheffield Wednesday have released their early-bird season ticket prices for 2015/16, with increases across the board except for under 11s and under 17s.

The cheapest season ticket, on the Kop, has risen from £360 last year, to £395 (9.7% increase), while the most expensive ticket, on the South Stand, has gone up 8.9% from £505 to £550.

The price rise comes just days after Thai businessman Dejphon Chansiri was officially unveiled as the club’s new owner, where he stated he was targeting Premier League football by 2017.

This week Chansiri also revealed that he was to put much-needed investment into improving the pitch at Hillsborough and erecting a ‘giant screen’ to replace the often-maligned and dated scoreboard.

Tickets for under 11s will remain at £50 and for 16 and under, like last year it will cost £100.

Chansiri said in a statement on the club’s website as the prices were announced: “I have been overwhelmed by the passion that our supporters have for this club and I have been made to feel so welcome here.

Dejphon Chansiri

Dejphon Chansiri

“Together, we must push forward both now and in the future if we are to realise our dream of reaching the Premier League.

“To give us the best possible chance, I will invest not only in the team but also the best possible playing surface for our players. I am pleased to say I have committed £1m for a brand new pitch this summer.

“For the supporters, I will fund a giant screen to truly enhance the matchday experience.

“Because together, we can make our dream come true. Buying a Season Ticket is the best possible way of showing support to myself off the pitch and the team on it.

“I personally thank you all for your support.”

There has been a mixed response from supporters regarding the price hike, with some on twitter stating their displeasure, while others accepted this as a means to an end, and the price of progress.

Here are some examples of Sheffield Wednesday supporters’ views:

@WayneHinchliffe - Nothing comes free. If we want a new pitch, scoreboard, big signings & big wages the fans will always pick up the bill #swfc

@baggleyowl - Not surprised by the ST prices. We will be a PL side in the next 2 seasons so not letting my seat go for the sake of an extra £35 #swfc

@Northern6Monkey - People expecting Chansiri to bank roll all the investment and cut season ticket prices as well??? #notaskingmuch #swfc

@JamesWhaling - How the bloody hell can #swfc justify that price increase for season tickets? Absolutely ludicrous. Simply not affordable anymore.

@JimmyWiltshire - If we were treading water then even I would complain that prices are high but next season is going to be the best in years. #swfc

@SteveHutton1979 - Hefty increase in #swfc season ticket prices. Is £17 a game really that much of a saving??

@JONATHA31283773 - Can’t afford a season ticket because of finances but I will try to get to as many matches as possible. #swfc #wawaw #uto

@Lincolnshireowl - I have no concerns paying more for my season ticket as long as we are competitive. I won’t be happy if we don’t push on next year #Swfc

@J4ME591 - We best get some decent players in for next season looking at them ST prices #swfc

@gazclarke83 - 480quid to sit on North. What a joke! Looks like fans r buying the new pitch then #swfc

@elliott1301 - Don’t even know if I want a season ticket at those prices. Christ alive! #swfc

@Georgeswfcsmith - Early bird season ticket prices have been revaled, £100 for me, that is good to be honest. Bloody expensive for adults though!! #swfc

@wawaw_imo - Obviously the club know that we are going up next season so they put the ST ticket prices up #swfc

@trickyadz - Not bad prices considering the takeover he’s spending £1m on pitch new scoreboard plus a few new players it don’t come for free #swfc

@oliverdennell - If people who sit on North/South think its too expensive then why dont you just move to the Kop #swfc

@rkhargreaves - @swfc Just got an influx of money from Chansiri and yet the prices have gone through the roof? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? You’re driving fans away

@AntonyJBrown - pricey. I’m thinking twice about renewing now.

@leelucas28 - So you want to finally realistically attempt to bring premier league football back to Hillsborough but pay league one prices? #GetReal #SWFC

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