Sheffield Wednesday Fans Column: Owls’ midfield ‘first world problem’

Almen Abdi has yet to live up to his billing
Almen Abdi has yet to live up to his billing
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There was a man online complaining that he’d cut his finger opening a cardboard package from Amazon and he couldn’t use that finger to scroll the screen on his smartphone.

I think this is what’s known as a first world problem.

The Owls have a first world problem of their own at the moment, we have too many good central midfielders and no idea what to do with them.

Barry Bannan and Kieran Lee are Carlos Carvalhal’s first choice central midfielders which begs the question what do we do with Almen Abdi and David Jones?

Almen Abdi has the biggest question mark hanging over him.

He hasn’t shown the quality he was known for at Watford.

He’s been getting some flack from the fans that he’s not showing his true potential.

However, it’s difficult for the former Swiss international to show potential when he’s only coming on as a sub or being subbed after 45 minutes.

He’s also being played out of position.

Abdi needs a consistent run in the team in central midfield and not on the wing but he won’t get that unless Lee or Bannan get suspended or injured.

Summer arrival from Burnley, David Jones seems to be Carvalhal’s midfielder of choice away from home.

He’s made six appearances this season and half of those were in the last three away games.

Carlos is playing it safe away from home, at least, by adding Jones’ defensive skills.

We currently have an expensive and skilful subs bench.

Carlos’ problem is picking the right midfielder for the right game.

After years of needing players to fill roles we now have more than we know what to do with.

It’s a nice first world problem to have for a change.