Sheffield Wednesday Fan’s Column: When will our ‘enviable’ strikeforce really get on the right track?

Two goal Jordan Rhodes....Pic Steve Ellis
Two goal Jordan Rhodes....Pic Steve Ellis
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I don’t think I have willed someone to go for glory more than Jordan Rhodes since Jessica Ennis went for gold in 2012.

Rhodes has played with the look of a man that has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

I watched him off the ball against QPR, and his body language looked slumped, dejected and resigned.

The two goals he scored against Bolton on Tuesday evening came with a sense of relief as much as joy.

If that raises Rhodes’ spirits and his game, then the Bolton match wasn’t a total write off.

Again the Bolton cup performance was one that consisted of a dreadful 45 minutes followed by something resembling a competent football team.

The Fulham game, on the other hand, proved to be an organised and established enactment.

Which is why the Bolton game was like watching Usain Bolt pull up with a hamstring injury; it’s not what you paid to see, it was a disappointment, but at least the atmosphere was decent.

I’ve been looking at our stats to see if we are as profligate in front of goal as we seem or whether it’s just the standard of the Championship.

It turns out it is us.

We have an average of 11.3 shots on goal per game, 3.3 of these on target.

Only Birmingham, Reading and Fulham are more wasteful in front of goal that the Owls.

If you compare this to our opponents on Saturday, Burton Albion have scored the same amount of goals as our ‘enviable’ forward line with an average of six shots per game and two on target.

In statistical terms, Burton are more clinical than us.

Only four games in though and it’s a marathon, not a sprint.