Sheffield Wednesday fan column: Why Matt is worth every Penney

Matt Penney with Jos Luhukay
Matt Penney with Jos Luhukay

FRIEND: “Can you stop talking about Matt Penney?”

ME: “I can’t. I physically can’t. Did you see that run he made down the wing against Stoke?”

FRIEND: “I know but it’s been about three weeks now can’t we talk about something else? It was spiced biscuit week on Bake Off.”

ME: “Yeah in a minute I just want to show you those two drag backs he did against Villa. He’s like a magnet!”

I’m not the only one who is singing Matt Penney’s praises. Jos Luhukay was quoted this week saying that he had the feeling “that he has been a first 11 player for the last ten years.”

I tried to imagine a ten-year-old Penney pitting his wits with Kenny Lunt and Peter Gilbert and it didn’t seem to be a stretch of the imagination.

Luhukay gushed, as most Wednesdayites have over the past weeks,“ He plays with no fear, he is not afraid and he is a very good player for us. I am so happy with him.”

With two good feet and mature decision-making we’re not the only ones who are noticing either. Commentators and fans from opposing sides have been highlighting his attributes as a left-back and a left-wingback. It’s only a matter of time that other clubs will be sniffing around after him.

Sheffield Wednesday must have learnt their lesson from the contract negotiations with George Hirst and Sean Clare by now. The last thing we need is to have a protracted and fruitless process that ends with us losing yet another talented youth player.

This difference is that Penney now has first team experience.

He’s not just playing a bit part in our season, coming on for early stage cup matches like Hirst and Clare. Penney is becoming an established senior player and we can justify that he is worth investing in.

Get his name on a longer term legally binding document Wednesday. He’s worth every Penney.