Sheffield Wednesday Fan Column: Gary Madine - the ‘gift’ I’d happily give away

Gary Madine
Gary Madine
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Christmas is a time for giving. The pleasure of giving should outweigh the pleasure of receiving.

I feel this way about the prospect of giving Gary Madine to Coventry City.

The Wednesday loanee told the Coventry papers this week that he believes we probably won’t be seeking a fee for him, saying “I think they’ll just be happy to get me out.”

I have nothing against the Sky Blues. It’s like receiving a gift you didn’t want, sticking it in the back of a cupboard for years and re-wrapping it to give to someone else.

He’s the equivalent of an electric foot spa. You use it a few times and it was OK but far too much effort for the result you get, especially when you can go out and pay for someone to do it better and with less hassle.

Coventry are finding this out for themselves when he admitted this week that he whinged for the entire game against Port Vale because he had to play as a lone striker.

He told the paper that “the sulking is not going to stop.” This may be because he’s frustrated but he should be playing to the manager’s request and for the team.

If we do exchange gifts with Coventry City then I think The Owls will be hoping for a monetary present in return.

After all, the club kept Madine after his prison release in the hope would repay their patience in some capacity.

The fact that Stuart Gray gave him away so easily at a time when Wednesday couldn’t buy a goal says a great deal.

We’ll have to wait until January to find out if Wednesday are willing to wrap Madine up and send him off. I’d happily pay the postage.

Merry Christmas!