Sheffield Wednesday: Dejphon Chansiri leaps to the defence of under-fire Owls boss Carlos Carvalhal

Owls Dejphon Chansiri with Carlos Carvalhal before kick off yesterday
Owls Dejphon Chansiri with Carlos Carvalhal before kick off yesterday
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Owner Dejphon Chansiri has accused some Owls supporters of trying to force head coach Carlos Carvalhal out of the Championship club.

Carvalhal has been heavily criticised on social media, radio phone-ins and by pundits following Wednesday’s dismal season.

Chairman Dejphon Chansiri

Chairman Dejphon Chansiri

Despite having spent big and qualified for back-to-back play-offs, the Owls are currently lying in 15th position after a seven-match winless run and have recorded just six victories at the halfway stage. The team are now only eight points above the relegation zone.

Saturday’s home defeat to Middlesbrough, who sacked manager Garry Monk last night, heaped more pressure on Carvalhal. A number of disgruntled Wednesdayites called for Carvalhal’s head towards the end, chanting ‘We Want Carlos Out’ and the team were booed off at the final whistle.

But in the final part of his ‘Ask The Chairman’ series, Chansiri leapt to the defence of Carvalhal.

In a lengthy statement posted on the club’s website around 1:30am, Chansiri said: “I do not feel good when I see some fans talk very bad about Carlos.

Today some people want to drive Carlos out of our club, they cross the line with some abusive things they say.

Wednesday chairman Dejphon Chansiri

“In his first season, he was treated with full respect and many people were scared I would sack him, or scared he would leave, they asked me to please let him stay, please keep him, he is the best we have ever had.

“But today some people want to drive him out of our club, they cross the line with some abusive things they say. Now he is a very bad coach all of a sudden – maybe some people have short memories.

“Anyone who says these things must also blame the squad, of course, blame everyone, but do it in a constructive, respectful way. It is the same for all my staff who I will always defend as the leader of our club. It does not matter who it is, if anyone says anything bad or tries to damage it is my duty to protect.

“The coach is the leader of the football and he must take responsibility, same as I have responsibility as leader of the club.

Dejphon Chansiri

Dejphon Chansiri

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“But what is the responsibility of all of our fans? I am happy to take responsibility for everything as leader but I ask everyone who abuses or speaks with no respect, please do not damage the team or the club, which I cannot accept at all, because this job is long term and far from finished.

“I know when I talk like this some of our fans will not be happy. Many people have told me ‘do not say bad to the fans’. They want me to be like other clubs or former owners for many years who just says good things or whatever fans want to hear, which would be very easy. If we say we are family then we must go together, good or bad, this is why it is called family.”

Chansiri has also stated he is prepared to conditionally refund fans who purchased a season ticket for the 2017/18 season.

“I receive letters and emails passed on to me by my assistants – sometimes they are pleasant and sometimes they are not,” he said. “I know many fans, Season Ticket holders, for example, feel uncomfortable right now and some have even asked for a refund on their Season Tickets.

“I know this may be unusual but out of respect and the fact that I do not wish for anyone to be uncomfortable in our family, I will do so. I do not want to see anyone come here and be upset,

“I want everyone to be happy, so I would say do not come to Hillsborough if you are unhappy. Fans buy Season Tickets to support their club and to get the best price and before I came here, did anyone ask for a refund?

“I understand the expectations are higher right now but I truly believe that any fan should not come and watch us it makes them unhappy. If someone wishes to come on a match by match basis and not have a Season Ticket that is fine. So I can refund anyone with conditions, no problem, if that is what anyone wants.

“Let me be clear – we all want the same thing. When I arrived at Sheffield Wednesday, I said I would like our 150th year to coincide with a return to the Premier League. I said I would try my very best, we would all try our very best to make this happen. I did not say that I guaranteed we would be in the Premier League by then.

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“I can never guarantee anything or look too long to the future – I said I will try my best to fulfil the fans’ dream. I have tried to make the dream come true while fixing the problems of the past and building foundations for the future. I never said I am rich, I never said I was a good man or anything but one thing is certain, I am a human being like everybody else.

“In the short time I have been here, not for even for one second have I thought anything bad to our club. I have been part of the Sheffield Wednesday family for less than three years and my own family are now 100% Wednesday. I remember some fans say owners come and go, this is not my club, it is your club, but fans are the real owners and have the real loyalty. But I can say I never damage our club, so what are some people doing now? When we have serious issues we can talk like a family and as human beings and work out the best way forward. It is easy to work like pure business but I work like a human being and a chairman.

“I have to be honest and say since I have been here I have found it difficult at times. When someone does something good in football, this makes everyone satisfied, they are the best, but when they do something wrong some people - and I must stress it is only some - scold with no respect at all. To these people, I say, have you never done something wrong? If anyone has never done anything wrong, they have never done anything at all. As I say, I have no problem with criticism, opinion or suggestion but this should be constructive and not damaging. If your family or your boss said you are bad all the time, do you start to believe you are bad all the time? Families are supposed to stay together, in good times and bad. I have to ask, is my worth just to invest money for our fans? Is it for the fans’ benefit and advantage only? I have never thought like this before but now maybe I start to think the same, like business.

“I try my best and I can say that with my hand on my heart. When I first came here, I did not know too much about football which I accept 100%. It is now almost three years and I have learned something about football every single day. It is easy to talk and take no responsibility. If I could do the same, it is easier for me to manage our club. I do not have more money than anyone here in the past but it depends on who wants to spend and take responsibility.”

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