SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: Dave Jones defiant over fan abuse

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DAVE Jones is vowing that abusive fans will never make him turn his back on football.

The defiant Sheffield Wednesday boss insists if some supporters persist in the kind of personal abuse that he brands ‘vile’ then it will make no difference to his love of his job.

“I do something I really enjoy; why should I let certain people destroy that?” he said.

Jones, who was targeted by some Leeds fans on Friday, says he has been open about the issue since he became a target of certain supporters at various clubs after being cleared of child-abuse charges 12 years ago.

“I’ve spoken about it many times. I’m still here. I attend forums, and do talks on it; I try to help people who maybe have gone through certain situations, because I have that experience,” he said.

“I didn’t let the people who falsely accused me beat me down. Why would I let these people (football fans) beat me down?

“The only people it affects are the people who are close to me: my family and friends.

“The response I’ve had from a lot of Leeds fans, never minds fans of other clubs, has been quite heartening because they all want to stamp it out.”

Jones says he has knowledge of an even worse example of awful taunts: “I spoke to a player on Sunday evening. He lost his daughter, and fans were chanting ‘Where’s your daughter gone?’

“No matter what happens, I always believe there’s somebody who’s got it worse than somebody else. Nobody is ever going to beat me down.

“If they continue to do it, they’re wasting their breath. It’s not nice to hear, but it doesn’t affect the team.”

The Owls play Blackburn away tonight with Jones hoping they can earn a result that recent displays deserve. “The fans are sticking by us because they can see it coming,” he said.