Sheffield Wednesday: Crowd can aid us, says Jones

Dave Jones believes that the Hillsborough crowd can play a major part
Dave Jones believes that the Hillsborough crowd can play a major part
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Dave Jones believes that the Hillsborough crowd can have a major influence on tomorrow’s game.

The Owls manager expects a “cup final atsmosphere” and thinks this can only inspire the players.

Throughout his career as a player and manager, Jones has found that fervent backing from fans can make its mark.

“We need them on Saturday,” he told The Star. “They have a big part to play; they’ve been right behind us all season, at home and away, and we need that again for this final game.

“I am sure it will be a great atmosphere.

“The fans deserve a big slap on the back for the way they have supported us. They have been magnificent, and their backing always helps.

“We need that cup final atmosphere.” Jones would prefer the scoreboard not to continually display the scores from the other games in the relegation scrap.

He disapproved at the time the Owls showed other scores when his Cardiff team were narrowly failing to reach the 2009 play-offs.

Jones knows the crowd tomorrow will probably be learning of fellow-strugglers’ fortunes as the afternoon progresses, and that information may filter through to the players as well, at some stage.

But he wants as few distractions as possible as the team focus on their own efforts to make themselves safe.

He added: “You can’t stop information filtering through, and it (the scoreboard) is not my responsibility, but I would hope that we have the commonsense not to do it (keep putting scores up).

“People talk about the situation we’re in, but I’d rather be in our position than a few others’. It’s up to us. If we get the result that we want, nothing else matters.”