Sheffield Wednesday boss Garry Monk: We're willing to win ugly against Leeds United

Sheffield Wednesday boss Garry Monk doesn’t care how the results come in for his side at this stage of his tenure, as long as they keep coming in.
Owls Manager Garry MonkOwls Manager Garry Monk
Owls Manager Garry Monk

The Owls have won their last two home matches 1-0 and this afternoon face a Leeds United side who’s style of play has been widely lauded by Championship onlookers. This week Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa acknowledged Wednesday’s preference for direct football, but Monk cares not.

He said: “You need to win games in every possible way and you need to show in games, like the last two games, we've shown the offensive side of it and we've also shown what we had to do at the back.”

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“That's the recipe for a good team and you need to have that in your character and spirit as a team. I'm pleased with the players and how quickly they've picked that up and implemented that in every game so far.

The former Whites boss maintained from an early stage in his tenure that the mentality needed to change at Sheffield Wednesday and speaking ahead of the Yorkshire derby, he said he believes they are on course for where he wants them to be.

“You need it,” he said. “It's one of the key things you need in this league. I played in a team that was promoted out of this league at Swansea. We had our way, but we needed the other side to it. You need to have everything.

“I've said all along, a big part of the work we're trying to do is that we have a really competitive mindset. For whatever reasons that might have lacked a bit in the last couple of years and that might be why people have doubted and why it hasn't achieved what it did a few years back.

“We've competed in every single game we've been in. That's really important in this league, it's huge. It's probably one of the most important details you can have.”