Sheffield Wednesday boss Garry Monk slams 'damaging' likely change to transfer deadline day after Premier League vote

The result of a vote among Premier League clubs that will likely see the summer transfer deadline for Championship clubs changed has been slammed as ‘damaging’ by Sheffield Wednesday boss Garry Monk.

Top tier clubs voted to shift the deadline back to September 1 after closing business in early August in previous campaigns.

It means the deadline moves in-line with major leagues across Europe but will close after the start of the English season, with The Championship expected to follow suit.

The move represents a u-turn by Premier League clubs, who voted to change to the season-eve deadline in 2017 amid complaints of player distraction by managers.

It had been hoped that European leagues would move their deadlines alongside that of the Premier League after the initial switch in 2017, but no such change has followed.

And one Championship boss who admitted he is not a fan of the likely switch is Owls boss Monk, who suggested the change is beneficial only to wealthier clubs.

He said: “It can work two ways, if you are looking for players, then great. If you want that window shut, then there’s nothing worse.

“If I am honest, I am not a fan. There’s nothing worse than going into a month of the season and you still have speculation about your players. Those players - and I have been through it before - can still be really good lads and professionals, but there is no doubt it’s on their minds. Speculation plays a part in that.

Sheffield Wednesday boss Garry Monk is not a fan of a likely change in the Championship summer transfer deadline.

“I think it’s damaging for clubs, I think it’s a bad way to do the window.

“I prefer you cut off on the Friday before the season starts - or even the week before - and the season is done.

“I don’t see why we should go into the season, that only benefits bigger clubs.

“Clubs with the money, they can come in last minute and swoop. For the rest of the clubs you are on the back foot, who can you bring in at the last minute when the season has already started?

“It’s a situation created to benefit the big clubs.”

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said Brexit was a factor behind the change, suggesting clubs entering the next transfer window may wish to spend big before freedom of movement from European countries is revoked.

He said: “One of the reasons is because the immigration system is going to change and it may be that it's the last window where freedom of movement is possible, clubs may want to take advantage of the longer window to make sure that they've taken full advantage.”

Sky Sports pundit Danny Higginbotham is on the side of the Premier League clubs and said: “Why would you want Premier League clubs to be at a disadvantage compared with their European rivals? You want to give teams the best opportunity to be successful - it's a no-brainer.”

Wednesday have been busy late in recent windows - five additions have arrived on the last two deadline days.