Sheffield Wednesday: Are the Owls more stable without Dave Jones?

Sheffield Wednesday
Sheffield Wednesday
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As Sheffield Wednesday prepare to play their third match without a permanent manager the question was asked: Are the Owls in a more stable position today than when Dave Jones was still in charge? Happier or worried?

The question was posed by The Star’s sports writer Richard Fidler @RichardFidler on Twitter, and here is a selection of the answers he received.

The results, to say the least, are a mixed bag.

James Webster ‏@webbie13 ask me after the Watford game......

Marc Duffy ‏@Duffy1867 good answer!

Joseph Cawthorn ‏@josephcawthorn much more worried, at least we had a direction under Jones, possibly the wrong one but more than we have now.

Adam Johnson ‏@AdamJohno76 players showed more fight and workrate in last 2 games than rest of season

Nicola Hill ‏@Nic_Nac86 both!

Jack Gilpin ‏@jackgilpo much more worried if MM appoints Gray, sleepwalking to relegation and the chance to revitalise the fans isn’t taken

Shane Dodd ‏@Doddy_72 defo happier and MM’s saving some cash. Still think we’re doomed though. Too many nails in this coffin

Rich for Peru ‏@Rich_for_peru worried - Milan wants to appoint Gray (who will be a disaster long term) and is leaving it too late to appoint a new leader

Darryl Green ‏@Darrylg83 club is pendin takeover so we can’t expect rich pickings when it comes to new manager,jones not fully liable for where we are

Matt Baxter ‏@Sneaky_Scrote We’re going to get relegated regardless, Jones should’ve been sacked much sooner and MM is trying to do it all on the cheap.

Paul Woolfson ‏@paulwoolfson happier. You only had to look at the Leicester game to see the difference. Team played with far more confidence than previous

Matt Hepworth ‏@MJHepworth need to make the right appointment for both the short and long term. SG isn’t either, so currently worried.

Miranda ‏@rockermansbird happier. Not perfect but a new energy has been installed into the team

Craig Kipling ‏@Kipo72 not a prayer,god only knows what’s in Milan’s mind,if he gives the job to stuart gray then it’s guaranteed relegation

Tom Chittenden ‏@tjchitt86 about the same with a dash more optimism that a new manager can bring. The concern for the club’s future as a whole remains.

WarOfTheMonsterTruck ‏@SheffWedWOTMT More comfortable now that DJ has gone. Concerned that the club feels a bit in limbo on manager and ownership fronts #swfc

rearn01 ‏@Rearn01T We were definitely down under Jones now it’s just probably . Main problem despite what some say is Manderic and his ideas

St Jimmy ‏@JonOwlzz @AdamJohno76 agreed,we look alot more competitive now than under Jones,personally I’m a lot more positive about the situation

Dan Hilton ‏@danjhilton I wish he’d waited until he had someone lined up (like he did with Megson & DJ). Still feel Warnock would have been ideal...

Andrew Thorpe ‏@AndrewThorpe4 There was stability when DJ was there in the sense that we knew where we were going - down. Now it’s a more open question.

Jay Maybury ‏@jaymaybury69 very worried ,really hoped there was a new man in place bye now ,feel a bit left in dark

Martin Bonner ‏@MBonner85 there was a build up of negative pressure before DJ left. The sacking released that and put focus back on the team I think.

RyanCadet @RyanCadet MM not appointing swiftly is strange and out of character. Still think he was banking on NW taking it.

What do you think?

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