Revealed: Where Sheffield Wednesday's weekend win over Bristol City ranks in the latest Championship result 'fairness' ratings

Sheffield Wednesday head into this evening's game against West Bromwich Albion in fine spirits, after securing their first win since February with their 2-1 victory of Bristol City last weekend.

Tuesday, 30th June 2020, 12:10 pm
(Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

Stats gurus Infogol have compiled their weekly 'fairness' ranking of last weekend's Championship fixtures, based on shots, xG, and the final scoreline. This is how the Owls' win ranks alongside every other Championship result, ranked from most to least fair.

Barnsley's shots: 9. Barnsley's xG: 0.60. Millwall's shots: 10. Millwall's xG: 0.58.
Birmingham's shots: 14. Birmingham's xG: 1.39. Hull's shots: 12. Hull's xG: 1.33.

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Derby's shots: 13. Derby's xG: 1.51. Reading's shots: 12. Reading's xG: 0.94.
Bees' shots: 9. Bees' xG: 1.32. West Brom shots: 12. West Brom's xG: 0.49.
City's shots: 7. City's xG: 1.01. Owls' shots: 12. Owls' xG: 1.31.
Forest's shots: 14. Forest's xG: 2.46. Terriers' shots: 14. Terriers' xG: 1.58.
Wigan's shots: 13. Wigan's xG: 1.72. Blackburn's shots: 12. Blackburn's xG: 0.95.
Swansea's shots: 11. Swansea's xG: 0.87. Luton's shots: 7. Luton's xG: 1.00.
Charlton's shots: 12. Charlton's xG: 0.75. QPR's shots: 6. QPR's xG: 0.89.
Preston's shots: 14. Preston's xG: 1.35. Cardiff's shots: 13. Cardiff's xG: 1.24.
Leeds' shots: 10. Leeds' xG: 0.92. Fulham's shots: 12. Fulham's xG: 0.61.
Stoke's shots: 22. Stoke's xG: 2.19. Boro's shots: 8. Boro's xG: 0.66.