RETRO: Brilliant ‘funeral card’ made by Sheffield United fans for defeating Wednesday in 1890s

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It is quite possibly the longest-running rivalry in the history of football - and certainly one of the most heated.

And back in the 1890s, Sheffield United fans created this ‘funeral card’ which was given to Sheffield Wednesday fans after a steel city derby cup win over their rivals.

The image has emerged on Twitter from a historian profiling former Wednesday player Fred Spiksley from the account @SpiksleyBook.

The card says: “In Loving Memory of Sheffield W.

“Once a Fighting Cup Team but now dead and departed.”

The card ends with a poem; “To win the cup was our ambition. But owing to such opposition, we have left it to a better team, now it is too late to scream.”

Is this the best - and oldest - football fan banter around?