Quality-conscious Gary yearns for leaner times

Size matters: And the Owls squad is too big for manager Gary Megson's liking.
Size matters: And the Owls squad is too big for manager Gary Megson's liking.
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GARY Megson is a believer in quality and feels that the sheer size of his Owls squad is no guarantee of success.

Five new signings were brought during the January window before his arrival but the manager feels that his squad could be slimmer.

He said: “Bringing in players, especially into a club like this, is the easiest thing in the world. Bringing the right ones in is the trick. I think there are too many players here. I would like the squad to be a bit leaner.

“As opposed to having a great deal of quantity, I would prefer to have fewer players and more quality.

“That’s not a criticism of anything that’s gone on before or indeed the players but that’s what I want.”

But he is also not currently looking to offload players: “We’ve been chopping and changing. So, players have got to get into the team, play well and make the team win and then get some consistency so you then look and say ‘that position’s okay’.

“When you join a team that’s not doing as well, you can put out a team at Middlewood in a practice match and another against it, and it won’t be dissimilar, and you end up with too many players who are much of a muchness.

“If you put a practice match on at Manchester United and saw their first XI, the second X1 wouldn’t get anywhere near it.

“They’ve got squad players, they’ve got good youngsters coming on, but I would say in reality their first team is about 19-20 strong.”

But Megson is not ruling out a loan signing if a player is available who will improve the side.

He said: “You won’t see much activity from anybody at this time of year. There aren’t many clubs who are looking to loan players out, certainly not players that we can afford, good players willing to come down to this level. I think we’ve got what we’ve got. We are carrying on looking. If the right one becomes available, then we’ll try to do it.

“I could have brought in maybe six or seven in the fours weeks I’ve been here but none would have been right.”