Performance against Burton Albion was like a dirty protest on the pitch: Sheffield Wednesday Fan’s Column

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New Year to you all. For the benefit of all Wednesdayites, I’ve omitted the ‘Happy’ part for obvious reasons.

The Burton Albion performance was frankly disgusting. You only have to watch Lloyd Dyer’s goal for Burton’s second to see the lack of interest from the Wednesday players. He runs past almost the entire team, takes the pass and slots it in.

Not a happy New Year for the Owls and Morgan Fox......Pic Steve Ellis

Not a happy New Year for the Owls and Morgan Fox......Pic Steve Ellis

‘Dyer scores,’ the epitaph forever etched on Sheffield Wednesday’s anniversary season. The players have to take responsibility for that shameful performance. It was like a dirty protest on the pitch. If they don’t want to play for us, leave. I can’t put it any simpler than that.

Worryingly there are more significant issues behind the scenes. The appointment of Katrien Miere as chief Executive shocked me more than the Burton result. Almost two years ago I wrote an article for another publication about the issues at Charlton Athletic, and Katrien Miere was instrumental in actions that alienated fans, resulted in their relegation to League One and the sale of influential players

In a web summit, she repeatedly called fans “customers,” said it was “weird” that fans believe they have some ownership of the club when someone else is “paying the bills”.

Her inexperience and lack of empathy and understanding towards the role of the fan at a football club make it difficult to understand Mr Chansiri’s position that she is the best person for this job.

She may have learned valuable lessons from her Charlton experience, but when the fans are already questioning your decisions, this appointment does not instil confidence for the club’s future or the owner.

However, those considering taking the chairman up on his offer of a refund on their season ticket are playing into the new CEO’s vision of fans as customers. I have the same message to you as the players. If you’re not happy, leave. That’s not the support we need.