Paul lands Owls role

PAUL Aldridge is the new chief executive of Sheffield Wednesday and is already aiding the club's bid to bring in new players.

The former West Ham, Leicester and Manchester City executive is working closely with manager Alan Irvine.

Chairman Milan Mandaric last night confirmed that Aldridge - who was first linked with the Owls in The Star yesterday- has been appointed chief executive in succession to Nick Parker.

He will also replace Parker on the board and become vice-chairman, the Wednesday owner revealed.

Parker has been given his notice and placed on gardening leave.

Mandaric explained: "The reason for that is very simply that I need a more experienced football chief executive.

"I thank Nick for what he has done for the club but it's been involvement with the finances, which have been sorted out now.

"What I need is an experienced football man who can give support to the manager as well.

"The past is dead. This is a new era; we are rebuilding. We need to have a strong staff who really understand the business.

"Paul spent 10 years at West Ham; he has worked at Leicester and Man City. His experience and contacts are unbelievable."

Howard Wilkinson is also aiding the cause and is staying on the board: "Howard is putting in a lot of hard work behind the scenes," said Mandaric. "All our concentration is on getting players in."

Parker had no football background before he joined the board in December, 2008; he had worked in business in Sheffield and was seen as having the right experience to aid the hunt for investment, which, after many ups and downs, ended with Mandaric's takeover.

Last night Parker declined to comment.

Manager Irvine said earlier on Aldridge: "We talk. We discuss the players we're going to go for. He does the negotiations. That's terrific. In the summer I did all that but in the season we have games to prepare for as well. Paul has been in football for a number of years, and at very big clubs. He's experienced in how contracts are written and in ways of negotiating to complete deals."

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