Owls ignore Sunday hype

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WEDNESDAY are shunning the hype that surrounds the Sheffield derby and keeping their minds on the job.

That job centres primarily on their private preparations for Sunday and what happens on the Bramall Lane pitch.

Assistant manager Chris Evans said: “We know how much the derby means to the fans. Nobody needs to be told. It means as much to the management team and the players.

“We have to be thorough in our professionalism and preparations for every game.

“In our build-up we are concentrating 100 per cent on the 90 minutes of football; that’s what we can affect on the day.

“We have to treat this as a game which is normal. We know everything around it is not normal, because this is a Steel City derby.

“But we have to focus on the job in hand. We have to black out the external elements.

“As players, a team and a management team, we need to prepare well.”

The Owls build-up appears to have gone smoothly, and has been boosted by the return of Liam Palmer and Reda Johnson from international duty and the recovery of David Prutton from injury.

Evans says that thorough preparation is a way of life for the club: “We graft as hard as we can every single day.

“We try to leave no stone unturned, not just for this game but for every one.

“We have put the preparation in for this game. You have to do that, to give yourself every opportunity to do well.”

Wednesday have been fully aware of the huge interest in the derby from fans and the media. Evans added: “You only have to look at the things that are going on around us to realise that this is a special day for everybody in Sheffield.

“But the main focus of the players and management here is on what we have to do on Sunday.”

The derby’s Hillsborough screening looks set to become an 11,000 sell-out.