Owls fans column: Will we ever see Hirst grace No.9 again for Sheffield Wednesday?

Owls George Hirst
Owls George Hirst
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Hirst came off the bench last week and very nearly scored the winner against Brentford.

This wasn’t a lovely dream I was having, George Hirst, son of the greatest player ever to wear a Wednesday shirt, was denied a winner by the keeper, in the development squad’s 2-2 draw with Brentford.

While the headlines were about Sergio Bus and his fight to sustain a place in the first team, I was more interested in a young Hirst making his way through the squads.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a first team shirt with ‘Hirst 9’ emblazoned across the back again?

The academy players have been in the limelight this week with central midfielder Warren Clarke and striker Matt Penney both being featured on BT Sports Fletch and Sav show.

The 17-year-olds talked about what goes on behind the scenes of the academy and how they bond by singing, telling jokes and how only they are only allowed to wear black football boots. They get fined £2 if they don’t clean them as well.

There’s an innocence that makes them seem very far away from becoming a first teamer but they’re only a step away.

Clarke, Penney and Hirst are developing well. Clarke scored in the last game against Millwall to make it four wins out of seven for the academy team and if you get a chance to look at Penney’s Van Bastenesque volley against Nottingham Forest it’s worth a google.

It’s hard to tell whether Carlos Carvalhal will bring these young players through.

There are plenty of senior players like Darryl Lachman, Sergiu Bus and Claude Dielna trying to make it into the Carvalhal rotation. You have to wonder whether these young talents will be playing elsewhere on loan rather than gracing the Hillsborough turf.

Still it would be good to see a Hirst playing again.