Owls Fans Column: The pros and cons of new ticket scheme

Owls fans enjoying a night at Hillsborough
Owls fans enjoying a night at Hillsborough
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New season ticket prices have been announced for the 2016/17 campaign at Hillsborough and I was ready to take a sharp intake of breath as I scrolled down the web page to see how much my season ticket would be going up by.

I was ready to see the ticket top the £600 mark based on the match day ticket prices that were that were released last year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that, based on buying an early bird season ticket, my seat has only gone up by £25 if I buy before the 1st February.

That’s on a one-year deal but now as fans we have the option to buy multi-year season tickets at fixed prices for two or three seasons.

For those that can afford it these are potentially very good deals, especially as prices could escalate based on which division The Owls are in.

If our progression continues then based on my ticket, £488 per season isn’t bad to watch Premier League football.

The cheapest way to do this is to buy the two or three-year tickets outright but few of us have the luxury of doing this.

The slight sting in the tail is that if you don’t buy outright you have to buy these advance tickets on finance provided by a third party through the club.

Credit cards won’t be accepted which means you have to pay over a ten-month period with a 6.5% admin fee on the first month’s payment.

Again based on my season ticket for a three-year deal this is an additional £95.22 to pay.

Had the club allowed us to buy on credit cards, then fans would have been able to seek out 0% finance on credit cards and/or pay over a longer period than the ten months offered.

I’m still making my mind up as to what the best option is.