Owls Fans Column: Sheffield Wednesday need a ritual kiss of life

Keiren Westwood and Glenn Loovens may need to get even closer
Keiren Westwood and Glenn Loovens may need to get even closer
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In 1998 the French international squad believed in rituals.

Each player had their own seats on the team coach, they listened to Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will Survive’ in the changing room and captain Laurent Blanc would kiss goalkeeper Fabien Barthez firmly on the head before kick-off.

They went on to win the World Cup.

We all have some ritual before a game. My family always meet at my parents’ house before the game. Mum makes enough sandwiches to stock the shelves at Morrisons and then we all walk down to the ground together. It’s not a lucky ritual but it’s been successful regime for many years.

I went through a stage last season of wearing a ‘lucky’ Wednesday t-shirt to all the games. From the day I unwrapped it on my birthday, our form improved. If I left it in Sheffield and didn’t wear it to a night game, we’d lose. The t-shirt lost its magic when I spilt a mug of tea on it.

Football fans do have their superstitions; lucky clothing, going for a wee at a specific minute in the game, drinking a certain drink as they watch the game.

When I watched Stevie May’s attempt at Huddersfield Town last Saturday, hit the crossbar and then the post, it was clear that Wednesdayites lucky trinkets and rituals aren’t working.

Maybe Glenn Loovens needs to start planting a kiss on Kieren Westwood’s head before a game. Maybe we need Stevie May’s family to send all the white heather they can find in Scotland. Maybe we all need to start learning voodoo.

Anything just to break the goalless curse on the team!

So get out those 2005 play-off shirts, those 2012 promotion scarves, even those 1991 lucky underpants. We need all the help we can get.